The effects of spending too much time on social Media

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I am writing this because i am the first here to say I struggle sometimes with my phone, facebook and other social media, Glad I found Steemit cause now I am spending less time on stupid things, instead i am learning a LOT here and connecting with very smart people.

So as I want to spend less and less time on FB and on my phone doing nothing, I realized spending too much time in social media harm our brain and social life.

1. Concentration Problems

Being pending of checking facebook, snapchat, etc, lead us to multitasking, being hard for our brain to focus on one thing, very often people feel smarter doing a lot of things at the same time, but in fact, this is harmful for us, brain gets tired faster, it consumes more energy and we become less efficient, with the time, the brain becomes lazier, taking less time for it to get tired of one activity and wanting to change to another one.

2. We lose quality time with the people that sorround us

People become unhappy while spending time in facebook, we dont share with the ones that are closer to us and we may loose some sense of reality, In Denmark there was a study where some people stopped using facebook for a week, after that they felt happier and shared more with their loved ones, also they appreciate more their lifes.

(Read full study here)

3. Alcohol and drugs are glamorized.

This is specially for the new generations that are growing up being bombed with so much advertisment and marketing, but social media can present drugs and alcohol like something cool, while the truth is that it can destroy families and entire lifes. Self control is key.

4. Social media make us compare with others

Its very common, and i have lived it as well, when we see others traveling, having nice time with the people their love, spending more money than we can afford, then we become jelaous and have envy, it could be one second or we could spend the whole afternoon thinking about sometime, no matter what is the case if something is not benefiting you then no need to continue doing it.

There are many other reasons, dont want to make this post so long, but hope is helpful for somebody, I am really trying to cut off this habit in my life. Social media has a lot of advantages, not everything is wrong with it, but could not be good for some people.



The effect of spending to much time on steemit :
getting rich :D

thats right learning and earning

This is like a cocaine

I know man, a silent enemy

this is why I like to watch big brother... let people fight it out on tv and I just have to turn my brain off and laugh at them being so stupid

lol yeah i will try to find other distractions, will start to read more