Life is A Gift, Not A Gig We are Doing While We are Making Other Plans

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The smarter and harder I work, the luckier I get, in that order. Strangely, I lifted that saying off of Thomas Jefferson. Life is a gift and I accept it from God as such. Without that acceptance however, all that can be experienced is hate. I realized that at an early age, that life is a gift of unconditional love and total understanding. Without equal, the real winning is to realize how not to take things for granted genuinely. Call it conscience, call it realism, call it whatever. I just know that a winner is made through it.


So, the smarter I work, the better it gets. Note the tense I changed the initial epigram saying at the beginning of this article to. There is even a book called "It Works" published by DeVorss publishing that says, "If you know what you want, you can have it". Now, is that not the truth and reality of the situation. However, the catch is that you have to be definite and patient about it all.

If you can find the worst thing about life easily, chances are that you can find the best things about life just as easy if you reverse those bad things. But how many people admit that insight about reality? What do you think Napoleon Hill really meant by "Every adversity leads to an equal or opposite benefit" anyway. Was that man just talking or did he understand the genuine weapon he was giving people to reverse bad circumstances?

It does not matter. What does matter is the reality that we can all reverse our bad situations in life and ultimately better ourselves if we give ourselves an ultimate chance.

When I say and write "ultimate chance", I mean skipping the suicidal ideation behaviors and doing a genuine turn around about it all without fearful escape. After all, accepting the ultimate curse of death is not an escape, it is a curse. The cure is to work with life instead of endeavor to escape life. After all, to sleep forever without consciousness is to give up your chance to make it genuinely better. Think deeply about that fact and get back to me, but, for now, look for the sense in your own life. There is nothing else to search for and find if you want realistic solace in it all.

So, my final opinion: Life is a gift, not a "gig we are doing while we are making other plans". Every day, hour, minute, second and all is our genuine super bowl, and the biggest deal that we will ever have. But then, that is just my reality for me, is it not? Is it the reality of everyone, or are people fooling their own minds into normal? Well, I know for me, I gave my opinion on it all, take it how you need or want.

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