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in life •  last year 

Hello @freemoceanisnow
I am back on steemit after a long period, actually i was in some problem. Just looked at your blog and found lots of interesting articles and will try to read to get benefited from it. Thank you.

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Welcome back, good to see you again.
Relationships are very difficult,
Sometimes I feel it is better to focus on the actions that we enjoy

The ones we want most to appreciate us, rarely will.
It can make us really crazy when we believe we deserve their

We do not have to agree with people but everyone needs to be felt "heard" by someone.

It is a bit sad that we tend to become addicted to people who do not accept us. Praise from anyone else is not worth as much.

Really, that underlying "need" to be validated is our own.
Nobody can take that away, no matter how much love they offer.
Only we can let go of the "feeling" that there is something missing.

Peace be with you.

You are correct @freemoceanisnow. Its true that relationships are difficult and many a times i witnessed it in my life. But at the end everything happens good i believe.
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