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As I view this plant that was just murdered by a human down on earth, I have to remind myself that it won’t be much longer until humans no longer roam the earth.

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Death is inevitable for sinners, the righteous one do not die, they only change city......

I will always celebrate life rather than mourn death...

It is indeed inevitable

Nature is the one who have suffered the most from human's selfishness!


Nature is the one
Who have suffered the most from
Human's selfishness!

                 - claubzs

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You made me to think about it and to really do something in this regard. 😊😊

Poor plant. But you Have to remember @lordgod death is part of life. 😁

@moemanmoesly indeed. celebrate life😂

End times are indeed near.. To be fore warned is to be fore armed/prepared... After all, we are but mortals.

The human cruelty represented in that photo, the plants provide oxygen, shade, food, beauty and look how they pay.

agreed! so long as we keep believing in lordgods and not keeping in harmony with nature around us.