Should We Think About The Outcomes Of Our Actions?

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For any action to be fruitful, there need to be an important result.

Fast And Furious is one of my favourite movie series.

Not because of the critical stunts they perform with their cars, I mean I love those stunts! The thing I love more than their hot stunts is the subtle message they share in each part of their series.

My favourite message is in the Tokyo Drift part; when Han tells Sean that he would not race anyone to prove that he is better, if he is going to race, it has to be for something important.

I think that should be the point of our lives. We do everything just to prove that we are better than someone else. We rarely do something because it's important to us.

Competing with someone may help you to improve yourself, so it's a good thing, but only up to a certain level.

If you live only to defeat people who are competing with you, your growth will depend on whether there is someone better than you or not.

And if you can't defeat others, you will live like a failure.

So, competing can grow you, and it limits you too.

Instead of competing with people, if you live with a purpose, work for a certain outcome, you will always work for that outcome, not because you can do something better than someone else.

Then, even if someone will try to compete with you, it will not matter to you.

The only thing that will matter to you is your outcome, not winning or losing to someone.

Knowing your outcome is not limited to taking out the competition from your life, it can improve you in many other ways.

It will reduce the wastage of energy in your redundant actions.

If you know what you want, you will put your efforts on the things that will move you towards your goal.

But if you don't know what you want, your actions will have no results; you will reach nowhere.

Whenever you are caught in an argument or a fight, if you ask yourself what will be the outcome of this?

You get to prove your point, sure, but what after that?

Is your satisfaction to prove yourself right worth arguing with someone, worth wasting that much energy?

After thinking about this, you will discontinue the argument yourself most of the times.

Change the approach to do things.

Once you know what your outcome would be, you can change your approach again and again to reach your results.

The benefit of doing this is that after every approach you will move closer to your goals.

Like Elon Musk did, after failing for three times, he changed his approach three times and reached his goal, his outcome, for the fourth time.

Because he always knew what his outcome was, though he didn't know which approach will work.

When Should We Think About The Outcome Of Our Actions?

I would say think about the outcome whenever your actions matter.

Should you exercise today or take the day off?

What will happen if you take a day off, will you relax and exercise more enthusiastically the day after tomorrow?

Or are you being lazy?

Should you do your work today or wait for tomorrow?

How will the outcome of doing your work today or pushing it for tomorrow affects your habit, your productivity?

When you think about the outcome, you can make better decisions.

I would say that instead of jumping to conclusions like let's do this, let's do that, why not let's think about this and let's think about that?

The Problem You Face When You Don't Think About The Outcomes.

There is something missing in everyone's life. People say, they can't find purpose in their life; how can they?

They don't know what to do. They don't know what outcome they have to get in their daily life, let alone their whole life.

What would be better?

To add every step you take and compound it towards your goal and get more significant results!

Or to do things without thinking, see if you get lucky and maybe you will get some results!

A lot of us just keep working, keep doing things without even knowing in what direction they are going.

Where will we end up? Where will we reach?


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Great stuff, I am hooked! :)

I never get tired emphasizing that a vision is so much more powerful than thinking ourselves to outcome.

In the vision is the feeling we want to have, and it is through the feeling that we get closer to the feeling we have envisioned. Over time, we'll notice that the final feeling we wanted to have, is slowly but surely already developing within ourselves, gradually guiding us to that final feeling.

We cannot really know how our pathway will unfold physically, so our thoughts have the potential to paralyse us when unexpected hardships hit us. When we instead focus on the feeling behind the vision, and let go of seeking out the pathway through thinking, we are always flexibel and most creative yet effective in our decision-making.

Thanks once again!


Envisioning the future and making it true!

Sounds great!

A very good post @looftee, these words have a very profound meaning, and can be a very good motivation for everyone. Sometimes life does not happen the way we want it, but it's all fate, the most important thing we do must always be optimistic and never give up. Never see what other people are doing, we have to focus on our goals, I'm sure we can succeed. Thank you and wish you a wonderful day... :)



From my experience my greatest competition is with myself. And is actually the only one that matters. I agree with you almost 100% that we must see the outcome to succeed in everything we do, but not get obsessed by the outcome. It might hurt if we don't achieve "that".


Great post :)

Or are you being lazy?
Should you do your work today or wait for tomorrow?

This part I think is important. I do think people tend to consider the cost of their actions. Some consider them too much and close themselves off to taking action for fear of messing up. But one thing that I think is easy to forget to do is thinking about the cost of your inaction.

More often than not, the opportunity cost of not acting outweighs the more direct cost of acting. We tend toward laziness, so keeping that willingness to let apathy win in check is an important ingredient toward a purpose driven life.



Wow very beautiful picture
Very professional photography
What a beautiful snow, my dear

Wow man!
how beautifully the image is captured!
and yes every action has a reaction, so your action is positive you'll get a positive reaction, on the opposite side if your action is negative you will surely get a negative reaction!

It is rightly being said, do good have good!


Well bro, the image is from pixabay, and I don't know but I have written nothing about that philosophy. Still have a small upvote for your efforts!


Thank you for the upvote!
I got this idea from your post!
If we do some actions, we will definitely got some outcome!
If could be positive or negetive depending upon your action!


okay, good message!


Thank you :)
have a good day sir!