One Of The Most Successful Person In The American History.

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When I first read about Benjamin Franklin, I was curious about how a single person could be an acclaimed writer, a scientist, a politician, traveller, statesman, a well-reputed government employee and the list goes on.

I wanted to know that when most of the people can not become extraordinary in one single profession, how one person can do so much exceptional work in so many professions in one lifetime.

So I dug deeper and tried to know more about Benjamin Franklin, how he was successful in multiple professions.

His life story inspired me to do something big in my life, not for myself but for others good.

The Lineage.

His Great Grandfather was a leader as well.

Benjamin Franklin's great-grandfather Thomas Franklin was a leader of a small community. He was active among community and people looked on to him to make decisions for the community.

Benjamin's father, Josiah Franklin was a chandler. He used animal fat to make soap and candles.

Benjamin spent a few years at school, rising to the top among his fellow students. But he didn't attend college and started as an apprentice under his father at his shop for a short time.

And Then He Became A Great Writer.

His father then figured out that he had no interest in his work, so he let him work as an apprentice under his cousin as a printer's apprentice.

From a very young age, Benjamin developed a deep interest in reading books. He read a lot of books, and that's how he gained most of his knowledge.

He improved his writing skills by rewriting the articles published in the newspapers.

He opened his printing shop and a newspaper, "The Gazette" in Philadelphia to become the most excellent writer in America of his time.

But it didn't happen just like that. He had to struggle a lot before becoming financially successful as a writer and a printer.

After years of drudgery, he gained some success through his print shop. That's when he started to grow more than an average tradesman of that time.

But even after gaining success, he spent most of his life economically. He suggested throughout his life to his friends and family to live as economically as possible.

The Scientist.

Although he had no formal education in science, he developed deep knowledge about science by reading books.

He mostly read about history, politics, science and religion.

After becoming a successful writer through his newspaper, he partly retired from his profession as a printer, to pursue his interests in science and politics.

His most noteworthy findings are in proving that the thunder lightning possesses the same characteristics as the regular electricity.

You might remember the famous kite experiment he did to prove it.

He gained his fame in the world as a scientist more than a writer and the Royal Society of London also acclaimed him for his findings of electricity.

Throughout his life, his primary interest was in electricity and atmosphere. He put his findings into practical use rather than theoretical. Like he suggested installing poles on the houses to prevent the damage from the thunderstorm.

The Statesman.

He spent many years in England as a representative of America.

He gained a lot of popularity as a scientist throughout the world. Being a professional writer and with an avid interest in politics, he started socialising among people of various class, from governors to tradesman.

He created a lot of groups where people shared their ideas and interests. He knew the power of socialisation, and because of that, he rose to high influence in his life.

But the motive of his life was not to gain the power for himself, or for the financial reasons, but to do good for the public, the people.

He dedicated his life for the greater good of the public and harmony of America, that's why everyone will remember him for ages.

That's how he left his mark in the history, by doing his service for the greater good of the public.

The Stroy Of Benjamin Franklin Teaches Us That:

1. Knowledge is the true element. We can gain it by reading more and more.

2. Socialisation with the right people can help us grow a lot more than we can grow individually.

3. If the motives of our actions are for the greater good of others rather than self-interest, we have a better chance of succeeding at anything.


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Yes absolutely, knowledge is the real power, you read and reasearch more and more and get your dreams come true just stay motivative and work hard...

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