Am Back - No More Awol

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Hi Everyone,
It feels good to be back online after a long leave of absence.
Missed all the buzz and fun of hanging out with you guys here on steemit land.

I see alot has changed since I was last here, and I am shocked at the value of steem presently. What in heavens name is going on???? Just logged into my account and discovered that the value of my steem holdings has dropped by more than one third of it's worth since the last time I was here. What gives???? It's been like three months since I went awol.
Could someone please tell what's happening with steem?

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Welcome back bro. All I can say is that the BTC dip affected all Alts badly

Hi Mosun,
Thanks sis. It's good to be back.
This deep in value of steem and sbd is alarming.
Imagine my mentor who brought me onboard steem just told me he has sold off all his steem holdings!!!! And this guy na big whale ooo.

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Are you for real? Who is he?

I am not kidding. He goes by the name @supermeatboy

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Welcome bro! Yes Steem has underperformed, but I think it would pay off in the long run, hence I would not advocate a divesting as your "Oga" did.


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