The Leader Is Good

in life •  2 years ago

The leader provides so much for us.

I only have to pay $600 a month for health insurance! And when I go to the doctor I only have to wait two hours to see her. Then she follows a protocol based on my chief complaint. I don't even have to remember all my symptoms! It's the most efficient system ever. I only need to see 5 specialists and take 11 tests before I might find out what's wrong with me.

The leader looks after my best interests even better than I do myself! I might have drank raw milk and gotten sick if it was up to me. And without laws, I wouldn't even know the difference between good and bad drugs. The leader even adds fluoride to the water for free so I can save money on dental bills!

Food is always abundant. GMOs have allowed farmers to grow more food to feed a growing population. My grocery bills have only gone up by $100 but it's still cheaper than organic. Best of all, my chocolate rations have increased from 1 oz a week to 3 oz!

And the leader helps ensure that we keep moving forward with technology. Windows 10 was installed on my computer and I didn't even have to ask! If it weren't for the leader, I would still have Windows 8 like an old fuddy duddy! My computer has gotten to know me so well and now my experience is so much more personalized. I never have to feel alone anymore because I know someone out there is listening and cares.

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Don't forget about democracy and your right to vote. The leaders allow you to vote for them and know what will you vote. They even make easier for you with only two candidates.

Let us sing together:
The leader is good, the world is nice, te living is fine. Ommmmmmmmmm


I like how there's only two candidates. I don't have to spend a lot of time learning about who to vote for so I have more time to stand in line and wait for all the services I am entitled to.

If you're lucky your leader will lead you into the camps.