Suburban Sprawl of Orange County Is a Disease

in life •  2 years ago

In Orange County, CA, they keep building apartments everywhere. They are way overpriced so they just sit there unoccupied, yet they keep building more and more. I think 1984 explains why they do this - they want to keep production up but they don't want anyone to be able to afford the fruits of that production, because then the heirarchy wouldn't be so defined. Production must continue because we would have a weak military if production ceased, and then Eastasia would take over. No jokes about how Eastasia has already taken over!

They're probably trying to boost up GDP so we can look more prosperous than we actually are. Pretend everything's fine while the wealth disparity gets bigger and bigger and the debt grows and grows. Pretty soon, they are gonna take down Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre so they can build even more apartments! Now where will the Offspring play? That's like the only place they play. I don't even like Irvine Meadows, but it's better than more stupid apartments and brings more value to the city. More real cultural value, not fake GDP value. You should be ashamed Orange County, for not conserving the natural landscape and for wasting tons of money.

Indigenous Orange County musicians pushed out by suburban sprawl

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Being an Irvine resident, I would say that the construction of new apartments are not at all about wasting money. Rents and property values here in Irvine are sky high, and demand is only increasing. Irvine is becoming Orange County's tech hub, is known as one of the safest cities in the US, and has the highest ranked public schools in the country.

If you are seeing a lot of empty units, it is not because they are building more units than are needed. It is more likely because a lot of them are rented by very rich tenants than only spend a few weeks each year in those apartments.