My SJW Teacher

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In fourth grade, before I knew what SJWs were, I had a SJW teacher. She spent a lot of time teaching us how every race besides white people were victims. I don't think that's an appropriate thing to be taught in schools. She should have been teaching us academics, but she probably wasn't very qualified to do that. More on that later. Anyway, I remember we had one assignment to list examples of TV shows that had Mexicans, Asians and black people in them. She said that minorities are usually not given very serious roles and they get all the "funny" roles, which are beneath the serious roles.

I didn't even notice race at that age so my grandma had to help me. She told me I could use CHiPs for the Mexican show and Hawaii Five-0 for the Asian show. I watched those shows all the time and didn't even notice they had minorities in them. I told my grandma that the guy in CHiPs wasn't Mexican, but she assured me that he was. Why are SJW teachers trying to teach kids that other people are different from them? That just lays the foundation for prejudice. Kids already think we're all the same and they ruin our innocence. I put In Living Color for the black show but I wish my grandma helped me with that one also so I could prove my teacher wrong.

I don't know how much misinformation this teacher taught us, but when we were learning geography, she taught us that the biggest continent was Antarctica and that Greenland was bigger than Australia. The very next year, I learned that maps get distorted since they're flat, 2D representations of a globe, and that Antarctica and Greenland aren't as big as they appear. Up until that point, I thought teachers were infallible and should never be questioned. At least she indirectly taught me a valuable lesson.

I think this teacher had it out for me as well. One time we had to write a letter to an author about one of their works, and then she was really going to mail it to them. She told me my letter was the suckiest one in the whole class and asked if I thought it was good. She said she couldn't even mail it because it was so terrible. How unprofessional and rude!

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I don't care how many times I see it - trigglypuff will always make me giggle.

One could propose an aptitude test for teachers! ;)

This is sad. Aren't there any curriculum or something describing what teacher should teach (and how)? I am pretty sure in our country is, but not sure about rest of the world.