Ladies, the Struggle to Meet Ideal Beauty Standards Serves No Purpose in Your Life

in life •  2 years ago

Unless you are a model and need to meet certain standards to make a living, there's no purpose in trying to be what society says is "ideal". Isn't the purpose of beauty to attract a mate? Pretty much any woman can attract more than enough men regardless of what they look like, so what is the purpose in striving to be more beautiful?

If you work hard and are able to meet the ideal, there probably won't even be any significant improvements in your life. All it does is preoccupy you, tear at your spirit and prevent you from accomplishing anything more substantial. Sure, there are some guys on the internet who criticize women's bodies. They say if a woman has small boobs that they can't tell the difference between her and a boy. If a woman has some extra weight on her, they call her a land whale. But guess what? If they're online looking for photos of women to criticize, it means they're not getting laid in real life. Look at those guys's pictures. Are they hot? No, they are the beta incels who have been rejected by women many times in their life. They develop their "high standards" as a coping mechanism, to allow them to reject women before they reject them. In actuality, they would be calling the women beautiful if they gave them the time of day, but they know they won't so they try to look for flaws instead. So, if someone makes mean comments about your looks, who cares what they think. Their feelings are probably hurt more than yours. Well-adjusted guys (the ones you would actually want a relationship with) find pretty much all women beautiful so you don't need to put in any effort to attract them.

Also, it's a fact that men are worse at facial recognition than women are. They can't pick out the subtle imperfections that we see, so don't even worry about them. Men have different preferences when it comes to body type, so don't worry about that either. If you're trying to be beautiful for yourself, you can't even see yourself unless you walk around wearing a hat that dangles a mirror in front of your face all day so who cares.

If you feel pressure to be more beautiful so your SO won't be tempted by other women, that won't work. Examples of celebrity couples show that men with beautiful wives often cheat on them with ugly women. Maybe the men were attracted to them because they were less insecure and weren't striving to meet an unrealistic ideal. Since the women weren't so focused on themselves, they were probably able to appreciate the man more. That's all men really want -- a woman who appreciates their manly beauty. Apparently, appreciating the other person matters more than what you look like, so don't get brainwashed into thinking that a woman's worth is her looks. Insecure guys want that to be true, but just tell them they are good looking and your problem of not meeting their standards will disappear.

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The world would be a boring place if we all looked the same. Just be yourself and be happy you don't really need a man to be happy

Right on
I agree
It is what's inside that counts