Happy New Year!

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Many seem to have mixed reviews on their feelings towards the last year, and in many ways I feel the same.  I have things, like my freedom, to be happy about, but there's also been a lot of hard times this past year.  Money troubles have loomed, causing stress on relationships and people often making it hard to notice the good things.  As this past year comes to a close, I can't help but be reminded as to the fact that I am not where I would like to be by this point, but such is life, right? 

I'll share here in a list below the things that I can think of off the top of my head that happened this past year.

1) Crossed the border

2) Begged our way to the border

3) Bought 2 trucks

4) Made it to Acapulco

5) Rescued Tequila

6) Drove the Mexican West coast

7) Started Glassblowing

8) Started blogging

9) Started an organic permaculture garden/farm

10) Started a cooking business

11)Started really learning spanish

This list is by no means complete, but it's got a lot of the good big points.  Despite my ever present feeling of being behind, a lot of good still happened this past year.  There was a lot of hungry and stressed times in there as well, but what would life be without it's struggles.  Honestly though, this new year has left us optimistic, and that's partially due to Acapulco.

We stayed home last night and honestly did nothing.  We crashed early with the intention of getting up for the fireworks, which we did.  It was tough to sleep anyway because Rebel would get up and run around barking whenever there was any fireworks, which were happenening constantly.  The amount of money my poor neighbors spent on fireworks this year astounds me, it reminded me of being in Detroit the first year they legalized fireworks. When the firework display started, the big one anyway, John woke me up and I'm glad he did.

It was 15 minutes of the best show I'd ever seen.  There were at least 7 boats equally spaced across the bay shooting off huge choreographed fireworks. There were also private people ALL over the city shooting off their own display.  The whole city was bright with flashing lights and loud with explosions.  Rebel couldn't understand why we were so calm, as far as he was concerned Acapulco had been the victim of a terrible terrorist attack.  It eventually came to a close, with the dance club Paradise throwing off their own little grand finale afterwards. 

As a kid who grew up watching the events in New York City on New Years eve on television, I'm almost disappointed.  According to our local friend, this display was LESS good than ones in the past.  With a display that amazing, we should be watching THAT on television, not the dinky display you see in NYC. Regardless, that display has left me inspired.  It reminded me that despite the struggle I've still got my freedom, and that's all that really matters at the end of the day. 

I've made a short list of things to come for 2017, that we know of anyway. I'll just get right on with it.

1) Glass: If current plans in action actually occur, big changes coming in 2017 in the glass blowing aspect.  These changes could be so big as to handle our money issues, but I won't take much more on it until it's more concrete.

2) Bigger, Better Garden: I've had some time to learn the lay of the land in terms of gardening here, so it's finally time to make the big beautiful garden I've been imagining happen for us. 

3) More Money: Several things culminating make it so this year might be drastically better for us in terms of money.

4) Better Time Management: My biggest enemy currently seems to be my ability to manage my time.  This is something I'd like to tackle head on this year, as my work load is probably about to increase by a lot.  

5) Not Getting Arrested: In our plans for this year is to continue avoiding being arrested.  We do our best to not step on any toes too much, we're really just here trying to live our lives at the end of the day.  We also intend to look into a solution for our legal situation, but that's really dependant on money situation.

6) Fix Tequila: Our saucy rescued pitbul needs to be fixed, as her heat cycles are torture and we aren't comfortable with the idea of her breeding.  When she was ran over she sustained injuries that'd make it so having puppies will probably kill either her, them or both. 

7) Truck Love: Get all the work that the truck needs done, plus some extra for preventative maintenence. It's carried us so far, we've got an emotional attachment to it.  This year, I hope to treat our yellow submarine better.

Again, not a complete list but you get the gist.  We've got plans to make things better here, it's just down to putting those plans into action. 

So we'll get to work and keep sharing, if you'll keep listening. Thanks for your time for reading, it's the reason we keep doing this. 

If you like what we are doing and would like to support us or any of our adventures, consider sending us some steem or bitcoin! We'll publicly announce any donations of size, probably with an article showing what we did with the funds! Thanks in advance, have a happy new year!

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