Celebrating Anniversaries of Love and Freedom

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Today is a day of important anniversaries. Not only is it John and my 5 year anniversary, it is the one year anniversary of our crossing into Mexico.  It's crazy to think how much time has gone by, sometimes it still feels like I've only been here a little while.  It's been a long, stressful year but we're in a much better place now then we were a year ago, and I can't help but be happy about that.

A year ago we crossed over the border through the Tijunana crossing on a Friday night, which ended up being our anniversary. We mentioned the significance but honestly were too paralyzed with fear of the unknown to put much mental effort into the significance of the day, other than the fact that we were crossing.  We were focused on making it over, with our truck and our stuff. 

We crossed with:


Belongings, clothes, tools, personal



Cast Iron Pan


Freedom! (somewhat, living without identification has been interesting)

Garden Seeds

We had much less than we ever intended to cross the border with.  Before our friend joined us, we had no idea how we were even going to fund the rest of our trip to Acapulco.  We were always prepared to come here with absolutely nothing if we had to, although obviously not prefferred.  What ended up happening was a middle ground and I can't complain at the end of the day. 

Things are much different now than a year ago.  We live in a beautiful house at the top of a mountain with plenty of land to garden, even if we've not had the time to put into it recently.  After a lifelong desire, I'm finally on the torch and glassblowing. We've got some good friends, both expats and local that have made things a lot more entertaining, if nothing else. Since I joined Steemit, I've gained 375 followers on the site, even more that read but don't have an account, which is crazy to think about.  Through hard work and help from friends, we managed to survive and now we're finally starting to thrive here in Acapulco. 

 If things go according to plan in this next year, we're going to have a drastically different life situation from what we even have now, which is exciting.  We've got big plans for garden and glass, which we'll be sharing as things unfold.  Things seem to be working out, lets hope they continue!

Anyway, I figured it was imporant to highlight today for many reasons, if for no other than to show people perspective of how far we've come in a year.  To show that it is possible to make it on nothing if you have to, you've just got to put the thought and work into it. Our situation is not ideal, or easy, but it is certainly possible.  It seems we've been a source of inspiration, which has been pretty cool.

We're excited to meet everyone coming for the conference, just a heads up John still doesn't have a ticket.  If anyone's interested in donating, contact us, as half of this story is him as well as me. 

Thanks for reading and for your support!

If anyone would like to show us some love and send us some bitcoin to help us celebrate our anniversaries, here's our personal address



Congratulations and best of luck!

Well, happy anniversary to you! Reading this makes me want to go find the rest of the story!

Thank you, we're still in the process of posting but we've posted a lot of it here on steemit in the past. It's a crazy story that proves truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for reading!

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your glass in the future!

Congratulations! It's been nice seeing you settle in and begin to thrive. I'm looking forward to your garden success in 2017! You were so smart to bring your garden seeds -- and that cast iron! ; )

Thank you, now it's time to find a time balance so I can stop neglecting my garden. it's been little more than watered for weeks!

At least the plants work without supervision most of the time, lol. ; )

Until MORE kneeled treehoppers move in. I've got to get some neem oil!

The tropics care not about my dainty northern plants haha

Uh-oh! Watch out treehoppers! :O

Congrats! What conference?

Anarchapulco, an annual anarchocapitalist conference in Acapulco!