Anarchapulco Wishlist: The Post-Conference Update!

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Several weeks ago, I posted an article that was a wishlist intended for those coming to Acapulco from the United States for the Anarchapulco conference.   It was a list of things I haven't been able to find here, put out there for anyone interested in bringing anything.  Turns out, a lot of people were interested in bringing me things off that list because I literally got just about everything I asked for and then some.  I'll share the pictures and a list of things I received.  If I directly asked you in person if I could say you brought it to me, I'll thank you by name.  Anyone else, I'll keep private but know I know who you are and SERIOUSLY appreciate everything.

Anyone that dabs knows that high strength rubbing alcohol is necessary for keeping the dabarratus clean.  We've had such a hard time finding this, that we put it on our list.  The only person to see it who evidently understood was Dan Dicks of Press for Truth, a notorious highly functional dabber. 

A couple from the states saw that we put Gorilla Tape, apparently an Ohio company, on the list.  Evidently seeing the value of the product, they brought us two large rolls.  They also bought me some lemon cucumber seeds and some melons, as they weren't able to find my Moon and Stars.  The fact that they looked means a lot, thank you guys.  They also gave us two 5oz bags of Red Vines, which I nearly immediately ate. 

Dan Dicks also brought us two bags of that organic raspberry flavored soft licorice.  It's good stuff and it's only got a few ingredients in it.  If you're gonna eat candy, keep it to things you can pronounce.  He also brought me nutmeg, right after I finally discovered a source here in Acapulco.  I also put Cardamom on the list, as I hadn't been able to find it.  Two days after I posted the article, I found it at a local natural foods store, Verde Pistacio.  I forgot to edit the article and someone approached me at the conference with a pouch of Organic Cardamom.  He said he uses it in coffee to cut the acidity, which I intend to try.  I forgot your name, kind soul, but thank you!

Dan also brought us two bags of twizzlers, as I'm not sure they even have Red Vines in his part of Canada.  He spaced a little on the brand name but we're super appreciative regardless.  Licorice of this type doesn't exist here, so we're happy for any of it.

The last notable thing Dan brought was a bottle of organic maple syrup, adding to my stocks.  This might be my personal favorite part of the whole thing he brought.  Dan, thanks again.  You made our night that night!  A friend brought me some organic ghee and some other awesome things that we're going to keep private. 

A few days after posting the article, I got a picture message from a guy by the name of Paul Propert, who was headed to Acapulco pretty publicly in his Battle Bus.  It was a converted short school bus that he was using to travel the US and Mexico having crazy shenanagans while attempting to spread the word of Freedom.  That message showed two cases of Code Red Mountain Dew and several pounds of Red Vines.  He was bringing the mother lode, so of course we were rooting on his success.  It was also somewhat reminiscient of our journey, although he had his papers and is legally allowed to be here.  He also brought us butane for making dabs, which was awesome too. 

Someone else who has relocated to Acapulco, at least for a year, brought some soft Austrailian style strawberry licorice for me.  It's not photoed because it barely made it to the truck, let alone home to be photographed.  I figured it's only fitting that much of the licorice to be gone, as it's been more than a year since we've had much of these items.  

Code Red and Red Vines are just like I remember, so thank you to those who brought them for me.  I would usually have finished such a large amount, but it's almost like I understand they're limited so I eat a few of them at a time, now.  John drinks one Code Red a day for the most part, keeping it open in the fridge as he tries to drink it slowly.  It's funny how you treasure things that you can't have anymore. 

That list turned out better than I expected, as I can't think of a single item that someone didn't bring for us, even the obscure ones were covered.  It was really interesting to see who brought what and for what reasons, as everyone is different and has their own interests.  Gorrilla tape was important to one couple but pop, candy and butane was important to someone else.  I appreciate the gifts and getting to know the people who brought them, even if only for a little while.  

It was an interesting conference as it was the first one I've ever been to where anyone knew who I was.  I am sorry if I came across rude or alloof, I'm not good at juggling interruptions from other people, also interested in getting to know me.  I appreciate all the love and gifts I got from people, it reminded me that there are people out there doing more than upvoting, there are lots of people who actually read this stuff.  So thanks everyone, I'm excited for next year! If you've got the chance to come to Acapulco, contact me!

As a slight disclaimer, I may have forgotten something, as people were so generous.  If I was gifted an item or money by you, I thank you here.  The conference was a bit of a whirlwind for me, but I appreciate everything.  Thanks again. 

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I just wanted to once again share the generosity of the people out there in this world.  

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I'm glad you got some garden seeds. Good luck with the melons and lemon cucumbers!

Me too, saving them until life slows a few. Too busy