How do I say hi again?

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See, that's what you get for not posting for too long. I can't even start a blog post properly now.

It's been at least a month since my last post here (excluding resteems), and there are quite a few reasons for my disappearance over here...first and foremost, we can blame the school for making finals such a thing to worry about, and secondly, I got myself something to play and...yeah, there goes the time for blogs.

Honestly speaking the second reason seems to be the more dominant one, but let's just pretend that I was too busy studying for the moment :P

What was I playing then? Well..

Good old Minecraft.

I'm not very sure if I'm the right person to say "good old Minecraft", because seriously, I never played the game until recently. My friend tried really really hard to convince me to get it, I tried it out for a moment...and I'm in love.

It's not the first time I'm playing a blocky game like Minecraft, so I kinda know my way around. A long time ago, I was used to play Minetest (which is arguably a more boring but more versatile and open source voxel-based game) on various public servers. It's a relatively simple game compared to Minecraft without tricky mechanics and does not require you to read the wiki for weeks in order to know how the game actually works, but can be considered as something equally powerful with the correct mods installed. Before actually getting Minecraft, I joined the *nix nest Minetest server and built a house there, here's some pictures of it...


Second floor, but not my "bedroom" because it's still unfinished. I can't seem to find sheep for the wool required for beds, lol.


At first sight, my friend went "oh wow this really looks like Minecraft". I gotta agree, it is really similar in many ways. But the main difference here is that Minecraft is commonly played as a game itself, but Minetest is more or less a community-powered game as for a fun gameplay experience, you need to install various mods which are written by the community as well. That's part of the reason why Minetest has much more building blocks if you slap all the building mods in it, hence making it a very powerful game if you abuse the power of the community correctly. I even remember a mod that gives elevators as teleporting portals...yeah, stuff like that exists.

The drawback? The biggest drawback will be that the game is not totally optimized for online play, and animations does not seem to exist in the game. It gives great building fun but that's more or less it. There are circuits and stuff but nothing too exciting. There are mods for monsters, but combat is boring because it's more or less a hit-and-run game without blocking and dual wielding. That is what I find Minecraft compliments perfectly and what makes it very addictive for me, I can finally play something I wanted to play in a voxel sandbox building game and with people to go crazy with me in other online servers.

A peak of my house in my local Minecraft world...totally built with the stones I got from mining for a few days straight. And yes, I really really love huge glass walls. Daylight is good!


Enchanting corners and some stairs,


Looking down from the second floor which is not completed yet,


It does look a little similar to the home I built in Minetest, but I think the one I made in Minecraft is notably more beautiful in comparison...I think, lol.

I haven't really started the real game of Minecraft in my world yet, which is, exploring, finding more resources that are out of the current biome, building gateways to other dimensions like the Nether and finally finding the path to beat the Ender Dragon which is the boss...but who says that you must play Minecraft this way? That's the actual beauty of it. Freedom on how you want to play it.

There's really a lot to do in this game, I guess that the reason it managed to survive for 10 years is pretty obvious. Highly possibly that it will still be sucking my time for this blog, but hey, I have another topic to post on! Think positive. :P

Maybe just treat this post as a long hello from me, we'll be seeing...soon. Hopefully. :^)



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Welcome back Welcome back!!!

Thanks!! :D

Nice to see you pop back in! Sometimes you just gotta take the time to do the things you need or just the things you enjoy. :) And like you pointed out, it does give you something to post about when you find something you enjoy doing! gotta strike the balance, although sometimes that means temporary moving away from the actual balance, lol. Thanks for the comment!

Wow! What a coincidence. We supply many poor schools with computers for their students and Minecraft is part of the deal, as we think it's a great learning tool for learners.
I have never played the game myself, but the educators over here are all gagga over Minecraft.
Welcome back my friend!

Thanks! I saw some school providing Minecraft in their public computers as well and the students get to play the game during their break time as well, because it's really a game to train you about creativity and logic even if you leave out all the combat which requires reflexes and creativity as well! Imagine building a logic circuit that can be activated with a switch to magically turn a wall away for a hidden walkway...people build all those stuff that you can't even imagine how. It's more than just blocks, really.

See you around! :)

Hey it's been awhile and looks like you have been pretty busy building your house lol. My son loves minecraft and he said it is very addictive. Happy playing.

Not totally busy building the house because I play in multiple servers and hence have stuff to do in multiple worlds... so that splits the attention for my house! Haha. Yeah, it is a pretty addictive game, and it only gets better once you know your ways around and have a goal to building an entire village? I know someone on a public server I play that does that!

I've never played Minecraft (or the SIMS), but it looks almost like the SIMS except that you're "in there" in the game instead of looking down on it from above. Interesting!

Actually I never played SIMS as But Minecraft gives a special feeling of creating your own world with your own first person view :) So maybe it gives a bit of that immersive feeling...haha.

Great to see you back @lilacse. Your screen shots are very interesting. I may have to look into Minecraft, but it might cut into my Splinterlands playing time. 😁

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Oh...Steemmonsters! Don't worry, they are two very different games and I'm kinda sure that if you want to play both you'll find time for both... :P Rule of gamers!

I never really got into that game. I'm not sure why since I like those kinds of things. I guess I was just too old when it came out since that is about when I stopped playing most games.
Children really seem to like it though.

It's actually never too old to get into Minecraft, lol. Maybe join in the kids when you feel like playing one day haha.

Just say hi !

Makes total sense!

A few years ago I played Minecraft. Most of all I like the survival mode, when all the resources must be mined by myself, and defend against mobs))

Survival is fun! Although sometimes I do want to play something easier, that's when I hop into some other servers... (I have my world's difficulty locked at hard, so lol)

We've all taken breaks for one reason or another. I was absent for a month while my husband recovered from heart surgery.

But... you're back and that's what matters!

Yeah...I never thought of leaving Steem for real, lol. Probably it has something to do with it being a semi anonymous blogging platform which strikes my comfort zone pretty well.

Your minecraft house looks lovely! I'm glad you found some time to share it with us here on Steem!

Thanks! I still have to figure out the internal decorations...they are more tricky than I thought, for real. Lol. Most of the times I get the structure done and that's it...haha.

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