John Oliver Proves Government Welfare is Unnecessary. I doubt that was what he was going for.

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John Oliver buys up $15 million in medical debt, then pays off the debt for 9,000 people in hardship

That's actually a good thing. This brought a lot of joy to those 9000 people before Christmas. And all it took was voluntary charity, i.e. capitalistic welfare.


I would only hope more people on the left would do the same! And Right!

Neither realize they'd have so much more goodwill among normal folks if they did this more often, so maybe we should praise ourselves lucky they haven't truly taken advantage of this.

Imagine 1000 liberal multimillionaires and left wing companies doing this same thing: imagine the sitting Republican President or Koch brothers doing the same via matching.

Each buying 15 million dollars worth of medical debt for 9000 people. That's 9 000 000 people all getting the biggest Christmas gift they could imagine, through 15 billion dollars of forgiven debt!

That's a HUGE chunk of the total number of uninsured or medically indebted people in America. And there are a ton more than 1000 liberal multi millionaires or maybe even billionaires around that COULD do this...

This proves the argument by capitalists, that it's entirely feasible to achieve a free market health care system, that is voluntarily managed and supported by charity.

And this is proven at the insane tax levels and poor corporatist coverage of today. Taking care of 100% of the uninsured and medically indebted people would be no problem, and John Oliver has proven how extremely possible this actually is. Brilliant!

I hope a strong voice can get some national press by writing a good article about this.

Someone who can actually get on The New York Times. I'm thinking the closest we get is Rand Paul, and considering he actually does a ton of health care charity, he would have the moral purity that would ensure the argument couldn't get sidetracked. If someone here works for him, please pitch him the idea. :)

If some Dems got together and pooled together $1m and the Republicans matched it? Keep the charity game escalating would be great.



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