Tried to beat the rain by starting yard work early...

in life •  2 months ago


Today the goal was to get the yard mowed and weed trimmed. I started weed eating about 8am this morning and it took about three hours. The steps on my cell for @actifit is insane. I would have probably hit 20k if it didn't start raining, because I was in the middle of mowing and I have to get off the mower frequently to pick up sticks. I know I am finished mowing for the day because now the grass is too wet and the mower tires will make ruts in the yard. I may use this time to lift some weights and get ready for the Veteran Shill Live Stream Tonight at 7pm CST!

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If your lawn is anything like mine, I bet you can hear it growing after a rain. LOL Speaking of rain... It's pouring on my next door neighbor's house but I'm only getting sprinkles here. WEIRD.


One time I saw the rain moving across a lake. It was beautiful to watch the rain hitting the water as the rain was moving with the wind. The rain stopped in the middle of the lake. There I was dry and looking at the rain pouring in the middle of the lake. It is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever witnessed. #rain