I was asked to share this. I hope it helps someone out there.

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My cousin from out of state has been calling me very frequently lately. He is also combat veteran and deals with issues from serving in a combat zone. He is one of those guys who came home from Iraq in 2004 and volunteered to go right back because he felt he was "leaving his battles behind". Our talks have been helping us both. We talk about our struggles and what we can do to improve our mindset.

So, today he was telling about a prayer he always said before he would go on missions. He had it memorized. He knows I have posted on the Steemit platform quite a bit and my involvement with United Military Veterans of Steemit. Out of the blue after reciting me his prayer he says "will you write that down and share it". So, I asked him to repeat it to me and here it is word for word.

Dear Lord God be my strength, courage, and grace should i see the enemy face to face and if the sky lights up from your eagle eye view; be with me and my battle buddies and get us through.


I was very happy that he shared this with me. It's amazing how people lean on prayer during times of trouble.

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It's slick not just bold!

That is awesome that you are there for him. He is lucky to have someone like you in his life.

Bring him to Steemit if he is ready and then he can share his story with us as well.

Thanks for passing on your cousins pray. :-)

I'm a Vietnam veteran and I am so glad that vets returning from the middle east are treated like the hero's they are. There is no more noble a cause than fighting for freedom whether on US soil or foreign soil.