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RE: Invent Yourself

in #life5 years ago

I do this as well, I print them over photos and put them up on the stairs so every time I go up or down, I see them. Although I'm not sure I have anything as powerful as this one... it flows so well to read out loud! I may have to consider adding this in!


Yeah sounds good. I also read that this poem gave Martin Luther king strength during his time in prison

I can totally see that working!

Talking of strength - nice segway :p have you encountered the school of minnows? Basically its a group, and if your voting power reaches 100%, it votes on your behalf, upvoting other members of the group, but then the next time you post, you get the same value of votes back. it is a bit confusing but i joined it last week and it is making a massive difference! I found this old post about it:

But the link to join it is - it seems to be a good way of finding other active users :)

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll join

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