How could we change ourselves?

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If you thought this post would be about politics, you're not wrong.

However it won't be about political parties and their politicians.

Neither it will be about the elections!


The changing I asked for, is the change in each and every one of us.

Have you ever thought about changing your individual practices?


Have you ever paid attention to the advice you give to others?

cidade rio

Have you ever wondered if you would follow them too?

cidade noite

How about your criticisms, those you think that are following the wrong path.

Have you ever thought how similarly you might be?


The changing that we want to happen in the world, must begin from each of us...

We should not hold anybody in charge of how we want things to be done.


I believe when change is in our day-to-day lives, it will be possible to engage others in bringing about new changes.

So, how do we get started?


I hope it was a good reading, thank you in advance.
Maybe I see you next post?

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hi mate, im with you on this one.
im from new zealand, we have some of the most pristine virgin land around.
unfortunately our government thinks its ok to poison the land with a highly toxic toxin named 1080, I believe they do this for massive capital gains.(just need to look at who the investors are to work it out)
Problem is there are people who live off this land..
all the utility services seem to be monopolized by the elite.
a break through is needed and we must think of our childrens future ahead of us.
hho gas as a fuel, perpetual motion are all power sources we can utilize at our own homes with minimal training and it is relatively safe if you follow a few simple safety guidelines.
will post up some vids in the future to come.
thanks for sharing this post.


Hi, I'm from Brazil. Here, unfortunately, we have pretty much the same thing with Amazônia (Amazon). Not to mention the soybean crops in the Midwest of Brazil. I'll be waiting for your videos. Thanks for your comment.


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