How Vaccines Have Altered U.S. Health, Summarized in One Graphic

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This is a shameless copy&paste because it does not need my words. A little hint for all those that say vaccines do more damage then they do good.

Twitter user: Scott Gottlieb, M.D.‏ @SGottliebFDA

How Vaccines Have Altered U.S. Health, Summarized in One Graphic. Data Courtesy of @CDCgov Graphic Courtesy of Leon Farrant #vaccineswork


What about cancer causing agents and longitudinal studies on this? How can we trust the institutions who provide such research when often they are being paid by the SAME companies for "philanthropic" work?

I don't think people actually ever argue that vaccines do not work. It is more that people cannot sue vaccine creators or hold them liable for the unwanted side effects that do occur (and are highly likely to be minimized by a corrupt industry's own commissioned--and biased--research) while at the same time their is open pressure to vaccinate---and even in some places laws that intend to force you to!

I want you as a Dr. to watch this and realize why people distrust the medical industry and the Dr's who seem to miss the point.

This is just one case and if we think this corruption doesn't spread throughout the medical industrial complex we are crazy. I will never advocate people being forced to take vaccines...and I like many others who are saying this will never argue the efficacy of vaccines. We just have good reason not to even trust medical "authorities" because the "authorities" have incentive and profit motive to lie...and have been caught doing it.

Here is her presentation on vaccines directly

CDC is corrupt to the core and their members own over 50 vaccine patents combined. This is a serious conflict of interest. They ultimately decide what vaccines are required for the general population and, not surprising, the number of required vaccines is steadily increasing.
You said it, it's the profit-motive that is so troubling.

So if the vaccines cause cancer in 1 of 1000 people, but save the lives 1 of 10 people, would you still say don't use vaccines?

Id always say that people have a right to make the choice for themselves and i have no right to make for them :)

People are free to make idiotic choices, like bying SUVs to drive 2 miles, driving them too fast or just not immunizing themselfes, unfortunately you are right.

Thank you for sharing it! As a future MD I understand how important it is to share the awarness. People these days deny vaccines, simply cause they don't remember how many died years ago from the infectious diseases. That's way it's important to keep informations like this in mind.

Here's another interesting chart.
AS Prevelance chart.jpg

Correlation doen't imply causality. Science 101

Who cares about our populations median IQ decreasing? That means fewer people to question medical industrial complex propaganda... :/

It means more people are morons. They WANT to be told what to do. Here's an example: My friend's sister teaches kids to walk home alone safely. Half the parents ask her if by taking her class the kids get a "license" to walk home alone. They don't want to decide if little Billy can walk home; they want someone else to decide. If it's not on The Bachlorette or Entertainment Tonight most people don't want to know about it.

I heard that autism rates increase the later a man has children.

I wonder if there could be some correlation between men having kids later, and this increase in autism?

It could also be that more people are being detected than ever before. (For whatever reason).

For context, Autism Speaks, who provided the above graph, also has this link on "what causes autism":

I will quote it here:

The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism.

They also provide examples of things that increases risk:

  • Advanced parent age (either parent)
  • Pregnancy and birth complications (e.g. extreme prematurity [before 26 weeks], low birth weight, multiple
  • pregnancies [twin, triplet, etc.])
  • Pregnancies spaced less than one year apart

For context, Autism Speaks was founded by former NBC executive and vice chairman of General Electric, Bob Wright.

NBC & GE are media conglomerates and if you still have trust in the media you might want to do a little bit of research. They've been spreading propaganda and false news for a very long time.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves - Vladimir Lenin

Controlled Opposition

You provided the graph, not me. I just wanted to make it clear that while the graph shows an increase in autism, it does not show, that autism is caused by vaccines. Since you linked it without context, on a post on vaccines, I thought it would only make sense to provide above context to the graph.

Now, I believe that vaccines makes sense so far as to get rid of all the above mentioned deceases. However, having it all privatized to the same companies does not seem like a good idea.

But, how do you see the US moving forward? Do you want to get rid of vaccines? Do you want the government to regulate, that companies can't have monopoly? Or maybe something completely different?

Also I don't live in the United States, but I would agree with you (if you also believe), that most US media seem more focused on fearmongering for views, than providing basic facts. This, from my perspective, goes for all sides of arguments. It is more high octane media, than where I live, which I think also leads to more over dramatization and exaggeration. A problem as I see it, is that most people don't like watching down to earth arguments between people disagreeing on a topic. I suppose it is too boring for many, even if it would make more sense to finding meaningful ways of moving forward together.

Maybe it is also related to the more or less only two party system of the US, whereas my country have multiple parties to choose from, that all gets some influence - from far left to far right and everything in between.

Diagnosis does not mean there wasn't that thing before. It just had another name.

100 years back woman were treated for hysterics when they got politically active.

Funnily there was a treatment by stimulating the clitoris, before medicine allowed itself to say that woman can have an orgasm without penetration.

Nowadays non-normative behavior amongst kids is attributed to being transgendered. We haven't evolved much.

That's important data to keep in mind!

And yet, the controversy over whether to vaccinate our children still persists.

Clearly, it shouldn't be.

People that don't vacinnate their children, not only put their children at risk, they put those around them at risk also.

Clearly? Have u checked my comment? I suggest people watch beatrice golombs youtube vid about the corruption.

A picture that shows data can also omit data...

Vaccines are good. After going to nursing school and working in a hospital (and seeing the reintroduction of whooping cough and measles because of anti-vaxers) I find it utterly ridiculous not to vaccinate. It's a shame that the internet brought us unlimited info, which was good, but unlimited means not vetted as well, which is bad because people often see faulty info first and believe it, and once somebody believes something they will fight to defend their belief.

which is bad because people often see faulty info first and believe it, and once somebody believes something they will fight to defend their belief.

which is exactly how you arrived at your position!

I was actually exposed to the anti-vax position first and thought it had some merit, then I was exposed to more information, microbiology, peer reviewed information. I admit, I've been duped many times in my life and it will probably happen again, but I question myself more than ever now that I have an understanding of how dangerous our own beliefs are once we form them. I think we must continually question our own beliefs and use critical thinking skills when assessing supporting and conflicting information. -And thank you for reading my comment and interacting with me, always makes the steemit experience better!

As a parent I and my better half have been on the fence. We're not giving our kid every vaccine out there and read the ingredients. On the other hand, now that I know how a baby develops, I'm noticing a lot of kids the same age as mine that don't show the range of emotions and etc that kids should show, mainly due to parental neglect. Kids have no change in expression, don't smile, etc. As most autism diagnosis are made at 12 months (to my knowledge), the same time as the biggest batch of vaccinations, I can see how easy it is to believe that the baby was in perfect health prior to the vac.

well, then you can
a) ask the source to correct the attribution and
B) show that the numbers are wrong if you think that.

The amount of people that turn over their health to some other "authority" is depressing. What is more important than your health and family? Yet supposedly intelligent people defer to doctors who are trained by the people who are selling you this cock-and-bull poison. Doctors are not authorities on vaccines. They give you the corporate answer because they don't want/can't take the time to do proper research themselves.

The amount of people that turn over their health to some other "authority" is depressing.

Yes, they believe what someone looking into a crystal balls says them as long as it is the opposite of what thousands of researchers after years of studies say.

What needs to be remembered is this: who paid them? Who benefits? I will give you a is not the population who gains as a whole.......... Just because some "official" put something in writing, does not make it correct or uncorrupted. It comes down to who do you trust. And I don't trust all. They are the face of the money men.

I think vaccines have killed herd immunity. IMHO

then you may not know what herd immunity means.

Well, I was thinking of it in terms of having no vaccines present. I just feel like by us vaccination we are playing 'GOD', messing with nature and circumventing what is to naturally happen. Survival of the fittest?

Then why are you not living in a slum hut in africa? There you have survival of the fittest.

If you dont have illnesses for your immune system to fight, then it doesn't get stronger. Only weaker. And I dont feel like a vaccine should be a replacement for this.

Your immune system is getting enough stress if you just go out of the door and don't always and everywhere use desinfects.

Also a vaccine IS training . That is how it works.

Um, Pre-Vaccination era = less cleanliness and more dirt generally.
More polution, etc. Gtfo with this useless chart.

You did read my post?

Just asking because then your comment makes no sense.