When More of That Becomes Less of You

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When we become much more consumed with owning more as opposed to becoming more, we make ourselves a bait to the hook of our own making.


My observation heightened by my listening and learning heart has brought me valuable thoughts when we desire for more.

When we finally get that career that allows us to earn more and travel more, we say, "What more can I do?"

Others get themselves an array of investments here and there to increase their earning capacity and for their future security, then they say, "There is more to this."

Some of us finally get that dream ride- the latest and ergonomically designed car, after driving it for sometime and the hype dwindles, we say, "I want more."

And so, a charming and comfortable house in a idyllic spot is bought where weekends become so wonderful to spend.

Still, some of us gain more and more followers and likes on Facebook and more people praising us and inviting us.
Soon, MORE becomes just ordinary.

But life flows continuously. It brings abundance and scarcity. It isn't simply a white and black. Because other times, it is colorful, and sometimes it is just white.

When we ONLY keep desiring and increasing MORE outwardly while leaving our inward spirit EMPTY, we set ourselves to a misery of our own making.

There is NO such thing as ALWAYS more.

Learning to trust life and not be hardened by pain or struggles present in it is the key to a peaceful and abundant living. Be willing to let go each moment while grasping the wisdom of each life lesson.

🔥Focus on becoming more, and you do not have to worry from not having more.💗



The more that is meant here is more of those inner qualities like love, peace, kindness, hope, faithfulness, etc, these are things we cannot see, and the same interpretation is given the bible when it says 'seek first the kingdom and every other thing shall be added unto you'.

Keep sharing great content and I'll keep coming here to read it :)

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