What does fun mean to you of late?

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Sanity checks here and there and it's one thing that everyone needs at the moment regardless of class, gender, race or status. A lot has changed this past few months and a lot will still change.

With the Uk announcing another lockdown, it's important to know the extent to which one tries to get one brain in check and align with these changes. As of this moment, it's still unclear if football will be stopped around all British countries.

Football has been an event which people mostly use to have fun and entertain themselves. It's either you are playing or watching it and with fantasy league, there are a lot of banters to throw around and put a smile on our face.

It has been a very tough year but we are grateful that some sports are still in place to brighten the mood but with new shut down on the way, it's might also put a pause on sporting activities too.

so this begs the question on how you have been having fun of late? Reason for this is because the clubs are closed, the parks are closed, the cinemas and theatres are also closed. Gatherings of a large number of people are frowned at and visiting your loved ones seems to be a luxury now and a big risk too.

Regardless, I still want to hear about how you are coping and it's great to share and talk to other people.


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