Loss of femininity

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Did women forgot how to be more feminine? Or is this something that we have never been taught? Unfortunally a little bit of both.  

1. School didn't teached us on how to become a woman. 

We did not even get sufficient explanation about our period, sex and pregnancy. Even nowdays people are looking strange if we say out loud that we have period. It is a dirty world. We must say: "It's one of those days". Like we are ashamed. WHAT? We have a menstruation. It is a natural process and we should be blessed and proud that we are having it. It is a natural way on how we CLEAN OURSELVES (I will explain this in more details in future blogs). Men do not have that privilege.  

Who was teaching us on how to have sexual intercourse and more important - with whom we should have it?? Our vagina is our sanctuary; we should not give away sex freely.  What about pregnancy? Or how to become a good mother and a loving wife? 

Everything that we have learned was with speaking with our moms and friends. Maybe we read some books. But that's it. I hope that we all had some good examples and role models around us who teached us some of this important topics.  

2. Women are competing against men. 

We all know it is true. It is not a myth anymore. We can be leaders, we can take managers positions, and we can become experts. We are wearing pants instead of skirts, we are having sharp moves and we became hardened. We can also earn the same or bigger amount of money.  

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But we forgot one thing - we shouldn't be like men. We are not BALANCED. God created us like women because we need each other. We can support us with feminine and masculine energy. It is a little bit of both in all of us. Why do we want to become men?  

It is a special power to be a woman. We are wise. We can make our man a billionaire! We must be their number one FAN! If we will not be - then some woman will come along who will be. We should give him a warm and quiet home to which he would love to come back after the storm. 

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3.  We forget about true meaning of femininity 

Sadly. Many of us still do not know what that means. It is not about the clothes that we are wearing or makeup that we are having. I am not talking here to act stupid or on some other funny way. I would like to encourage you to have a strong, independent mind that is free to choose. To stop and smell rose. To give a warm hug to those in need and smile (it is free). To be a beautiful soul with beautiful heart. To be a loving person. To dress nicely for ourselves and to LOVE OURSELVES. To love our body even if it is a little bit too heavy. :) To love every curve on it. That is what true love is.  

If you want to know how much you love yourself (it is a practice also for men) - go in front of mirror, look at yourself and repeat these two sentences: "I love you. You are beautiful." 10 times. Everyday. You will see the results shortly.  


This would be all for today. I hope that I have opened your minds a little bit and you will think about it.  

Sending you love and positive vibes, 


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Hi Sabina, I just came across this in my feed, I hesitated to click...glad I was brave enough to venture forth.

I believe, as a couple, a man and a women should allow the other to be the best they can be at whatever it is they try...encouragement is paramount in helping a relationship grow stronger bonds.

Of course there is attraction...but imo the melding of minds as well as hearts is what creates a lasting bond.

Of course I think a woman should be allowed to show her feminine side as often as she can...you know what they say about practice! ;-)

Great post!


Hi @cryptologyx! Thank you for reading it and thank you for expressing your opinon! Really glad that we are on the same page! It's about creating deep connection with partner and most important - with ourselves! No matter male or female..this is for all :) Thanks again, really glad to connect! :)


Thanks for this confirmation, I was a bit...just a little mind you...concerned that I might be exposing myself to "certain secrets" that's best left a mystery to us menfolk. ~smiles~

Then of course you wouldn't reveal such deep secrets of the feminine hive mind, where it comes to seeking, finding and a likely suitable partner. Now would you @levitaebella?

~smiles fer miles~

I really enjoyed this post, and you are right, we have to learn to love our bodies and ourselves. As a christian, I find my identity in Jesus Christ, and He shows His love for me everyday, and I find that when you realize that you are loved and very valuable to one person (that person in this case being the God of the universe), you will feel more positive and more loving toward yourself!

Now, this thing about everyone being uncomfortable about how a woman's body works, I don't know about everybody else's experiences, but this started at home. Some women are not comfortable about talking or understanding how their body works, and when we as woman become comfortable about who we are, then we can try to change the outlook and the opinions of the men in our lives!

This is something we all need to pray about, and to be considerate of other people and their feelings when it comes to their bodies, their minds, and their identities as human beings.


Really good coment here! I'm also christian and I pray a lot. As you have written - we are loved and valuable people for Him. And unfortunally not all are aware of that.. It's our mission to spread love and awareness about this... Sooo glad we connected! Sending you love and positive vibes :) blessings..


thank you very much, please follow me if you like I have decided to follow you!

Women are not equal to men ..
They are far more better .
Here take my Upvote and a smile :) .. Imagine I am sending a hug too :)


Hahahaha @utfull! Your comments are always making me laugh! :) Good job! :) Hear you around

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I LOVE that quote


Me too! It's the truth! 🙏😁