About life #6: A small act of kindness

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Sometimes I wonder – did people forget how to be kind? To smile at random person on the street, to say good morning when we come to the office, to say thank you and you're welcome, to smile at little kid who is staring at us, to bless homeless person on the street and wish him/her all the best, to help older lady who can barely walk to carry her bags from the grocery store and so on...? Are we so busy with our toughs that we forget about the others? Where did humanity go?  

1. Busy way of life  

Our mobile phones are keeping our heads down. We are scrolling through web pages while life is passing by. We are talking more over social media platforms than in real life. It's easier and faster that way. Human touch, energy that you fell when talking in person, enthusiasm are the things that you cannot feel over the messenger.  

We are more at work than at home. Different tasks are keeping our minds busy. And what's worse, we are proud on ourselves on how busy we are. We love to tell people that we can't meet them because we are swamped. It makes us feel important, unfortunately. But are we really so busy to forget to be kind? Doubt so.  

2. It's not obvious choice 

»No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. « - Aesop.  

When I say it's not obvious I mean it's sometimes making us uncomfortable to be kind. Like we are not used to be kind, even embarrassed. We get out of comfort zone. It is easier to get by the one in need. It takes more courage to act, to help others. And by helping others I don't mean just giving them money. You can send them blessings in your head, say something nice, support them, give them felling they are not alone. 

3. Selfless help?  

Can we give and help too much? I would like to say NO, but my life experience and coaching are telling me different story. Yes, be kind and help others to the point that it doesn't dry you up. Give and expect nothing in return. No, if you are giving everything and at the end of the day you are the one without energy money and time. That's not ok. You have to set up your limits otherwise you will soon become the one that needs help (physically or/and mentally). This is where selflove comes out. You must love yourself and when you do – you can help others. 

Energetically is like this: what you give is what you get. Universe will always return your kindness with love and prosperity. But you must be prepared to accept the goodness that’s on the way. If you are the one that is constantly giving and you are not able to accept kindness from the universe - you are unbalanced and stressed out.

So my advice would be - give as much as you can and don't expect anything. Help unconditionally. And when you will do - LIFE WILL REWARD YOU. 

Wishing you all the best and sending you love,


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When I woke up this morning, I had hoped to find an interesting topic. Well, not only it is interesting, but it is deep, inspirational, a beautiful and essential reminder for all of us. I totally agree with you, Sabina.
I am pleased that you are part of the community and I am following you.
Thank you for your kindness and your deep thoughts.
Sending you love in return.



Hi Nathalie! Thanks for such a kind words ❤️ This was exactly my purpose..to send an inspiration to be a better version of ourselves..Glad to connect..i will follow you too to see what you're up to 😘 Sending you positve vibes 🙋

Wow! I'm new here on steemit and I'm glad I came across your page! I'm definitely a fan of your blog now and I look forward to reading more of your inspirational posts!


Ooo thank you for such a nice comment my friend! I will do my best and post more blogs like this ❤️ Will follow you too to see what you're up🙋 see you around 👍