The importance of having Faith

in life •  2 years ago 

"Hope is a beggar, but Faith leaps over flames"- Jim Carrey

As I've recently discovered, there's a massive difference between hope and faith. Hoping for something is weak. It's weak as hell. It puts you at the mercy of external influences that you have no control over. Once in a while, you may hope for something to happen and it ends up happening in your favor. Faith, though. Faith is power.

If you have 25 minutes to spare (I know you do ;) , I highly recommend watching Jim Carrey's legendary commencement speech. It just may change your life.

Faith puts power in your hands if you're doing the right things and moving towards where you want to be. Faith pushes negativity out of your way and crushes weakness if you're strong enough with your faith.

Let Faith drive you to your goals.

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Thanks for the great video!
What is your experience with the topic, @larrydavid4?

@amico faith is one of the most powerful things, my friend!

Congratulations @larrydavid4!
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Move mountains#faith