Education : a secret they don't want you to know #2

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Hello Steemians !

Welcome to this second chapter of "A secret they don't want you to know". Today we are going to talk about... Yes... Potatoes...

Education was created to share ideas, and to learn everything you want to know. Ancient greeks had philosophy schools where they could share their knowledge with every other citizens. It's funny how school changed...

But the world changed a lot from antic greece to 2017.

Demography exploded, the industrial revolution created more businesses, research, and things started to become more and more complex.
When anyone could had a work, today you need a degree or any diploma to do so.
When before only a few had a degree, today a bachelor degree is becoming a standard. The number of people who graduated grew up so fast, wich caused the degree to loose his value.

Some people who are smart and devoted can succeed in this education system, because they will rather be productive than learn something that can lead to human progress.
But not all people want to be the best.

Some people want to live their passion by observing the world (cf @always1success), and some want to create new things, when others want to invest in interesting ideas.

But society "wants" you to have a job, to be productive, to not make mistakes, and if you are not like this then you failed. I think this is reducing humanity.

Ancient egyptians with the constrution of their monument are the perfect example.
Their workers were not slaves as a lot of people still thinks, but they were a dynamic large group and very diverse : architects, sailors, builders.
They were organized, and for example they had a competition where two groups had to carry the stones to the construction site. The fastest group would won prizes, like beer, wheat, fruits, etc...
But they were the poorest population of antic egypt. Those who really had the better condition was their hierarchic superior.

Today it is the same. Big companies needs the best employees. So they search for educated people. People who get employed are seen as a potential added value to the company. They can win prizes, like money, trips, cars. But they are on the bottom of the pyramid.

So what do you think about this ? Do you think education system is still effective ?

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Very good write up my man.
I think the education system has some flaws, but it's been improving a lot lately. Changes are being implemented to universities and there are teaching facilities like Udemy among others. The education system is not a complete service of education; I believe the entire system is just a course in the overall school of life.

I agree. The education system rather than encouraging critical thinking, they throw a book at you and say study this. Awesome post btw resteemed.

See your post mentioned here

Critical component of education is critical thinking and that can't be taught. One has to realize the importance of it and work on his/her own to master the skill. Good institutions do provide a stimulating environment to test your creativity and critical thinking thus enabling your mind. In the USA, most kids have only two things in mind when they are going through the education - money and sex. Guess what with these objectives of learning from student's perspective they are doomed before they even start. Sorry state of affairs.

Yes, because they think money and sex is success, as society shows it on tv and internet.
I disagree with your thought on critical thinking. It can be taught. But it has no interest in today's society, so that's why a lot of people don't care. They prefer to not think by themselves because it's way easier to just have a task to do and to be productive.

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