Sunday thoughts on Saturday: How distinguishes are you?

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Daniel 1:17

Communication has changed so much and has always been very important. We need to be able to communicate faster, communicate with more information, and communication has become accessible at our figure tips.

  • text message
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Even with apps such as WhatsApp

Well, in the Bible the king of the time did have access to information as quickly not access to communication with ease. Nonetheless, as the verse states the king had four men blessed with knowledge and intelligence of literature and wisdom. Daniel had this gift too, but God gave him the gift to understand vision and dreams.

Most of these men’s bowed down and prayed to the false gods of the king. Daniel did not.

  1. Those that didn’t worship the idols the king had a fire pit.
  2. Those that overcome tribulations

Prayer set Daniel apart from those other men. He believed that God would answer his prayer and his answers came from his constant communication with God. He prayed three times a day. He didn’t text God, he didn’t listen to a quick song, or open the Bible app for a quick verse to read. Daniel went deeper, Daniel prayed directly, and he invested his time. When Daniel spoke to God, he was familiar with his voice, and.he was familiar with his presences.

Change will come, but one thing stays the same.

When the disciples migrated to this country they changed their names, but they didn’t change the time they spent with the lord, and that too set them apart. Time spent with God will not prevent hardship. Time spent with God ensures that regardless of what hardship occur, and they will come, God is with you.

Daniel doesn’t use God as an emergency kit.

So many channels of communication are distracting. Just think of your phone, how many text messages, emails, and alerts from your apps. It can be too much. For example, if you woke up and ate steak, then eggs with rice for lunch, then cake with soda for dinner. Would these heavy meals make you sick?

Balance is key and prayer should be more than bringing your complaints to God. Daniel knew those men had gifts, Daniel knows he had gifts too, but he didn’t let his gifts be enough. He knew he needed prayer. He knew he needed more.

  1. Prayer
  2. Fasting
  3. Petition
  4. -I missed this one...

He did all these actions, he did all these actions often, he prayed fervently. He understood that people fade and change. Daniel understood that Kong’s will rise, they will fall, and another will come. all is fleeting, all can and eventually change, expect God. He remains the same, he stays consistent, and who he is on our lives should constantly change towards him.

Are you distinguished, are you different, and are you equipped? Do you use your gifts? Each of these men were equipped with skills, talents, and gifts. With that, how do you act with your gifts? Are you confident and take over because you have certain gifts?

Don’t lack wisdom when using your gifts.

Knowing when to act in boldness requires wisdom which is achieved through prayer. Humble yourself and respect leaders and authority over you. God will give you boldness when you needed it, but it will not be in times to glorify yourself. Like being in court, you refer to the judge as your honor. With boldness, you say, with all due respect even if you through me in jail I will not bow down to your god or idols.

God bless, love always,

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Funny when you put it like that how much I realized am lacking in my communication with the father...I need to make an effort to pray more

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