It’s My Birthday And I Can Milk The Rewards Pool If I Want To.

in #life5 years ago (edited)

Happy Birthday,
Eat, Drink and be fat and drunk! :)

That’s the plan!

Thank you so much!

Techincally you're investing in Steem when you vote on this post.

Technically, when I vote on your post, I am using my stake in the platform to take a little bit of the rewards pool from everyone else who actually contributed real content today, and give it to you because for some reason I thought you deserved it.

Happy birthday. ;)

Delete “for some reason I thought” and you nailed it.

May you have the happiest celebration days of birth you've ever had!
Make sure to drunk-text your exes, do things you ''won't'' regret and wake up naked & surrounded by pineapples.

Pineapples appear every time I wake up naked and hungover.

Where do they really come from?

I bet aliens.

Well with flawless logic like that, who could resist?

Exactly. It’s not really about me.

Happy birthday, I fully support the consumption of said bourbon!

Dudes like us have to stick together.

HaPpY bIrThDaY! My birthday is coming too soon, it’s on the 19th. Enjoy YOUR day friend.

Happy Birthday!

Here's a sip on me :P

Thanks my friend.

happy birthday kryptik, have a few for me. upvoted and awaiting the epic pathetic post, damn try saying that when you are drunk.

Happy Birthday bro, hope to see you at the SPL tables.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks my man!

Gratz on completing one more trip around the sun!

Happy Birthday!! and many more... Cheerrss!!

Well if it’s bourbon you’re going for, here’s about $2.30 from me! Best I can do at 100% right now. But I wanna see an (at least half empty) bottle you hear??!!

Well I’m not pretty enough to be a prostitute. Your grand contribution will be cherished. (And drank with honor).

We’re saving the party for the weekend.

Happy birthday. I gave $0.001. That monstrous amount I am willing to part with only because you say a wonderful post is going to come out of this. I am the kind of fella that can do anything for steemit. Ask around😁

I would have given you 100% birthday upvote if it was for bud instead of whiskey.... Happy Birthday

Then I’d be getting paranoid af.

Truthful response to the comment deserves 100%. Happy Birthday.

I'm waiting for my invitation :(

No .. uh... Party?

Hard to resist that entreaty. I'll allow you to plunder the rewards pool for your own selfish gain, sure.

Happy freakin' birthday.

haha, happy belated birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy be late Birthday my mate !!

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