I don't need what you are selling me TODAY!

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You might not know this but every time during one of your sales pitches, your propects will be thinking of two contrasting scenarios, regardless of whether they come up in your discussion:

How does this compare to other options?

How does this compare to my doing nothing?

The above is fact!  The prospects will not tell you this, instead they will throw the odd objection to put you off. Depending on your experience and what level of Sales professionalism you are at, or probably most important what your attitude is like at the time of your pitch will determine how you continue and the final outcome of your pitch.


Do you often hear the words I want to think about it?

Or I need to run this buy someone, even though you are with the decision maker?

You may be at a loss, thinking what are you doing wrong. The fact is, your are not disturbing the prospect enough to take action. You are Selling like a Salesman or Saleswoman. Your pitch is like

It does this, 

we can do this, 

look how great this is, 

the benefits to you are..... etc etc etc

When it comes to a purchase, especially in these times, The prospect is more likely to justify that what they have is fine, they don't need what you are selling today, They have not needed it before so why now?

Yes it is a great service or product but I don't need it today!   UNLESS by not having it is causing them pain.

Remember the old saying about if you are selling electric drills, your prospects couldn't care less about the actual drills, What they want are holes. Therefore, your solution should focus on all the issues they have about the holes they need to make.....not the drills.

This continues form my earlier posts, do not sell benefits!  i.e. yes my drill can make holes, (but do I need to make them today?)  lets talk about why you need holes and what not having them is doing to you.  


Humans spend more time and energy avoiding pain or looking to destroy pain then we devote to gaining higher levels of comfort.

Hence, how does this compare to me doing nothing is what your prospect will thinking during your pitch...... Yes, it's nice but I have no pain at present, I have no need. So I like it but I need to think about it.

Think about this during your next pitch, what questions are the prospects asking you, or are they just nodding their head, if so, You will not be getting a sale, you will not be making any money.  So step back, and ask them where it hurts.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you found it helpful.

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Yes, it helps me a lot. Now I'm thinking a lot more about my life and my decisions. Thank you!

Thank you for writing this post. It did. I still hate sales though... I see salesmen (generally) as less than honest. Maybe write a post convincing me to see it in a more honorable light. And don't try that salesman Aikido on me where I'm a salesman in life anyway crap. :)- Nice Sphynx btw