Sports and Empathy - A Real Olympic Champion

in life •  11 months ago

An extremely empathetic winner

20 seconds ahead of the silver medalist. Outclassing! The young Norwegian skiier Ragnhild Haga was the brilliant winner of yesterdays 10 km lap in Pyeongchang.

A real champion!

Ragnhild Haga also proved to be an extremely empathetic winner. She was sitting in the winner-chair to see all her fellow competitors enter the finish line. After Australian Jessica Yeaton entered the goal - completely worn out - Ragnhild went out of the winner-chair and helped her take off the skis. Giving comfort. This is an act of a real winner and an ideal to all of us - a Double champion!


A double Champion!

Congratulations to all Pyeongchang Champions and Steemian friends out there from @kristihh

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