The absurdity of humanity

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People want love, peace and truth, but they do the opposite. They speak about love, but they hate each other. They want peace, but also they are willing to kill somebody to defend their country. They want the truth, but they are constantly spreading lies and not willing to search for the truth.

This is the absurdity we live in. People are not willing to do the right thing because they are scared. People are just scared to bring peace, love and truth maybe because of what other people will think of them.

People will say hate is necessary for love to exist and war for peace and lies for truth. But that is not true at all. They are necessary only for the definition. You can't define what is love if there is no hate. But in practice, you can live without the hate. You can eliminate hate once you know about it. Once you know love is better.

In order for us in the first place to identify what is love and what is hate, we need them both. Then when we know we can choose which to eliminate or suppress.

Yes, there is a duality, but just in the words.

In practice, it sounds stupid. To hate someone for love. Or to defeat someone on the battlefield so you can live in peace? Fighting for peace. Hating for love. Lying for truth. That is how some explain all of this. That is dualistic. I will lie to you so you can live in love. I cheated on you so in order for you to not be miserable I will lie. What the fuck.

More absurd is when people want to find real love and what they do to find it? They go to the club. What the fuck. Or they go and make a Tinder profile. When in both of these places all of men and woman want just quick sex and nothing more.

You are just saying I am going to Mars to find humans.

Go to the library for fuck sake and you will definitely have more chance of finding real love.
Stop participating in wars and you will definitely make a step into peace.


We all want these 3 things.
But we are scared

Love needs us to be with just one woman. Most men want to fuck all of them. Which I definitely don't understand. Love requires commitment. When you are committed some of you may call you a pussy or that you are just too weak to let one woman take your life. Here is the fear of what others will think. That is why you won't find real love.

Truth requires commitment as well. We are scared of the truth because of what it can show us. We are lazy to seek it because it is too easy to just watch Netflix and all of the brainless shows. Truth wants you to unlearn everything. Truth wants you to change, but you are too addicted to watching soccer.

Peace requires change as well. You may be called a pussy because you don't want to participate in wars. So here it is also a problem of you being too scared to not play along with the government saying you need to go to war.

It is just dumb. How we always do the opposite because we are too scared. Because we are lazy. And all of this factors.

You need to back up your words with actions. If you say you want love. Seek love. And so on with truth and peace. Stop being a coward.

Stop the absurdity of your life.
Align your words with your actions.
So you can change.
For the better of tomorrow.
For your own good, not someone else.
God Bless.

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Хората просто ИСКАТ, но правят това, което обстятелствата и хората очакват от тях. И това го правят, за собственото си спокойствие. Никой не иска да излезе от зоната си на комфорт и не само да иска, а да постигне това, което иска.


Хората просто си се вкарват взаимно в някакви си рамки и си седят спокойно докато не стане нещо да ги разтърси. Те чакат живота да дойде, а не го предизвикват защото е много "опасно".