The Sacred Trinity - Mind, Body, Spirit

in life •  last year

In today's video I discuss The Sacred Trinity - Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In today's world is is seldom to find a person, Man or woman, that are self-actualized.

The Sacred Trinity is a key for all MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way as a way of self-preservation.

Mind - having the right "mindset" and positive self-talk

Body - not only building muscle but treating your body as a temple

Spirit - this is where most people are lost due to the commercialization of the modern church

When you build a strong foundation is the three parts of the Sacred Trinity then you are free to dodge the matrix bullets and become "The One".

What are your thoughts on the Sacred Trinity and how can we spread this message?

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Keep posting fire Kris.
I am staying away from the MGTOW community.
I consider myself a MGTOW.

However, I don't want to be associated with people that just cry about women too afraid to use their real name and picture in the comments doing the same mistakes again and again.

I only watch your channel because you are the only real MGTOW I know and because you are my friend.