Why do I still train Jiu Jitsu?

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I practiced Jiu Jitsu at about 6 years, during that time I already broke the knee ligament (both), my fingers are skinned and the pains on the body are terrible ....

You may be wondering, "But if it's so bad, why do you still train Jiu Jitsu?" After a tiring day at work, it's certainly much easier to watch a show on Netflix and get some rest, right? Not for me. Getting home, picking up my kimono and going to the mat, is what motivates me every day. Even with all the difficulties, I return to learn and I leave the training always a little better than I entered.

This is Jiu Jitsu! It is this disturbing search for evolution. Success, whether on or off the mat, will only be achieved with much effort. Each day that I take my life with this ideal, I am one step closer to my dreams. And just as in everything, my will and dedication are the ingredients that will make these dreams come true.

The reasons why I still practice this sport that I love so much are many. Today I will talk about what makes me get up every day and go back to training. Regardless of the outcome, we all have good and bad days, but it is the persistence that will lead us to achieve the impossible.

Search for perfection

Among the main reasons why Jiu Jitsu training, I believe that perfectionism is one of the things I like most in sports. When we see a technique that we want to perform, whether through a video lesson or a post on Instagram, we begin to understand its movement to apply in training.

Many times, until we understand how to adapt that position to our body, we hit our heads and come to think that the technique is simply not right. But that's not quite the story. By practicing a few more times, we see that the scraping is easier to do or the passage is fitting.

This study of the technique, to apply it in the "roll" (That's what we call a fight), will take us beyond the black belt. The quest for perfection, however with the awareness that it is only an ideal, is what inspires the Jiu Jitsu practitioner to return every day. With great will and persistence, we look at this dream, knowing that we will never reach it. Perfection must serve as a north, but we can not be frustrated by not achieving it.

My body

When I started training Jiu Jitsu I had 96kg. Upon reaching that weight, I decided that in the 100kg I would not arrive. Since I already knitted and in my gym had Jiu Jitsu I went to do some classes. What began as a quest for a more beautiful body, has given rise to a concern for a healthier body.

Quite unlike my motivation to work out, gentle art caught my eye right from the first classes. I started to feed myself better, to have a good performance in training. I also decreased the number of times I quit drinking alcohol (I do not drink any more today). All this to "catch less in training". But over time I got used to Jiu Jitsu lifestyle, and this lifestyle is what motivates me to get out of bed every day. I joined Jiu Jitsu to improve my physical form, but when I realized this sport changed my health.

My mind

Through the course of my walk in gentle art, I gained confidence to face the challenges of life. This sport gave me a strength that I never imagined I would have. That does not mean I'm not afraid of anything. I just started to see the problems with other eyes, beating head-on and believing that I can overcome them (after all, having someone trying to strangle you every day causes us to reassess what is difficult).

On the mat there is nowhere to run. Either you sit and cry or you try to improve. And it is at that moment, at the height of weariness, that you must make the decision that will make a difference in your future, be it in the gym or in life.

My family


This is my family. Not the one I came from, but the one I chose. Participating in this Jiu Jitsu community is a great honor. I live far from my hometown, so I end up having more contact with my training partners than with my parents. Knowing that I have these brothers, who beat me thinking about my evolution, gives me the strength to continue and move on.

Whether it's training or not, getting to the gym after a stressful day and starting the "review" helps anyone. This escape valve that Jiu Jitsu has made lighter, ready to face tomorrow. And that would not be possible without my brothers. I have great gratitude for every practitioner of soft art, for together we will go further!

By me

I certainly do this sport for myself. Jiu Jitsu saves. From experience I can say that it is true. The gentle art changed my life and I am eternally grateful for that friend who took me to the first class. This was the first step of a long journey.

I traded the college bars for the gym mat. The weekend parties for another kimono to train. And Netflix by Flograppling. Now, if you ask me, I do not regret it for a second. Jiu Jitsu helped me find my way, and yes, today I do it for me!

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Great post man, some of my best friends practice Jiu Jitsu, it surely is a passion. I'm sorry to read about those injuries though :-(

Why do not you do a workout with this friend of yours? I guarantee you will not regret it.

About the injuries, do not worry, before I was a competitor, I trained 2 ~ 3 hours every day and between one championship and another it is normal for some injury to occur, today I no longer participate in championships and the injuries do not bother so much anymore.

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This is my family not the one I was given, but the one I chose so much truth in that statement. Love it, great piece, thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the support.

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You are very welcome

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Hello Sensei! Do you consider 33 a bad age to start practicing?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

One of the things that fascinates me most about Jiu Jitsu is the fact that it is a martial art for everyone, there are no restrictions, people of any age, gender, physical type can practice.

If you allow me, I'd like to share with you a blog called BJJ After 40, I'm a fan of this guy, I follow him on Instagram and I always end up learning something new with his videos.

You called me Sensei, I'm still a long way from this ... Who knows someday I'll take the dreamed black belt ... When that day comes I'll come here to share with you.

I've thought about picking up a martial arts, always interesting to hear stories. The injuries are concerning though, do you feel that they can mostly be avoided with good instruction and form?

Of course, my injuries are the result of intense training, I was a competitor and I entered a league and another can happen an injury (which was my case) but if it is to do an educational training, do not have to worry, the chances of you suffering some Injury is very small.

oh alright I didn't know it was mostly confined to competition. That idea that I could train without much less risk in a more casual setting makes it a lot more attractive.

very motivating post especially for a beginner like me.

I hope I will be able to look back one day and write a similar post.

I'm happy to hear that my story has helped you in some way, I'll try to write more about my Jiu Jitsu journey.

I hope to see your success story in Jiu Jitsu soon!

looking forward to see your posts

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great job.. stay with it.. what is Flograppling? I will have to google that one.

Description of FloGrappling:
The source for comprehensive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coverage, including live streaming video of competitions, original films, technique videos and more.

I'm a fan of Aikido myself but I feel all Martial Arts are an exceptionally healthy endeavor, it's just a matter of which style works for you personally.

I fully agree, I have already tried to venture into several different martial arts, Capoeira, Karate and Morganti Ju Jitsu ...
Until I found out in Judo and Jiu Jitsu, unfortunately I had to drop judo because of knee injuries, but Jiu Jitsu has no injury that makes me quit.

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Very nice post thanks for having a look in your life keep doing what you do! I am a big fan of MMA

Thanks @danyelk,
I will try to write a little more about my training and how Jiu Jitsu can change people's lives.

About MMA, I'm also a huge fan, I'm still trying to understand how Cormier lost to Jon Jones this past weekend.

Cool keep it up! Yes he got a good head kick and some grounding pound I am happy don't like DC so much and he never beat Jones. I like to see Jones vs Gustafsson II or Jones vs Oezdemir. Okay man I go to bed is 3:00 AM c ya soon :)

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Been into martial arts mate, more into Karate though been years havent practised. Need to get back up again soon. Can see all the fats coming back lol.
You have had tough one btw mate the first para...Hope you have recovered well

I tried to practice karate when I was a kid, I think it's one of the most beautiful martial arts as well as judo that I also think is incredible !!

Thanks for the support @amreshchandra

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When I start having big problem whit my left knee I said that I am done whit my life, but I find out about latino dance and I liked a lot, so I try it and now after 10 months my knee is much better and I learned to dance latino. :)

The think is that I steel have some time problems whit my knee, but the dance is to much fun and I don't want to quit.

Dancing latino is my hobby now and I can't quit.

It's amazing when something so simple becomes so rewarding and changes our lives.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Dont know much about marshal arts, but loved your idea of personal growth through effort! it's something I've been trying to practice and hope to continue in the future. Have to give up on Netflix : )