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ADSactly Personal - Cringeworthy Moments: We have all been there... (Haven't We?)

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I once got a great job. My new director sent out a company wide email announcing my hiring. To make a former girlfriend jealous I forwarded it to her.

She responded, “Congratulations. I am glad for you.”

Not satisfied I began to rehash why we broke up and how she was instrumental in my receiving the job but now she would not reap the benefits.

She responded with a curt reply detailing my flaws and the events that led to our breakup. I sent an email back detailing how rotten she had been to me as well. The chain continued for about seven emails back and forth until she finally stopped replying.

The next day my new director called and informed me the offer was retracted. Apparently everyone in the organization had been cc’d the entire exchange between us.

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Oh no!!! How humiliating! I'd have died.

Piensa en esto cuando una puerta se cierra, es porque mil se abren, tranquilo y suerte!

That's hilarious!

Very funny. I wonder what will be going on in everyone's mind @ the organization.

That is a good tale. Them cc's are sneaky little things, getting on conversations they shouldn't, then you have the bcc's too.

hy steemians ..
I really need your vote.
because only my brother can help me when I need.

Haha, that's hilarious! It's a good reminder though. The email can be trickier than we think.

Too funny- sorry, man. Once when I was a kid, I was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car while my dad ran into the convenience store to buy something. I was bored, & somehow got into that dangerous mood of "I wonder what would happen if..." and

I pulled down on the stick shift, too young to know anything about what it did. I thought as a kid that nothing can happen if the car is off anyway.

well, he'd parked it in first gear, & i just put it into neutral...which is a big problem when you're parked on a sloped lot!

The car rolled backward & down towards the street, headed right into moving traffic. Siblings screamed in the backseat, & i couldn't figure out how to stop the car! Dad sees us out of the window,runs out of the store, jumps in the car by the time we get into one lane & pulls up the parking brake in the middle of angry drivers on the road who stopped around us. Epic fail🙃

(more laughs @JoyLovesToWrite