"Juggling chainsaws"!

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Hey, Steemit! How are you all tonight? I’m coffee shop sittin’ with @vermillionfox, @guthrie, @mada and @tarotbyfergus […who’s in and out conversing with a lady friend] at @caffetto. Work is crushing me lately. I know this has become my daily therapy session on Steemit. I’ll sit in this very chair for 14 hours, finish a few clients that’ve been waiting on photos. I’ll go home feeling good about myself. Briefly think that I can take draw or watch a show with @vermillionfox, then inevitable get a text asking where and when so and so’s photos will be finished. It sucks. It’s really stressful.

When I showed up at @caffetto yesterday, I worked long in to the night, when @ghostfish showed up. @mada walked around the corner and I vented to him about what’s going on in my life. Just last week, me, @vermillionfox, @iamredbar and @tarotbyfergus shot hours of video in search of paranormal activity, at @mada’s house! Part of a big project I’ll explain later in this blog post. @ghostfish and I are chipping away at a horror anthology and have been for months. Yet another big project. Beyond that, I’ve been prattling on for a year about a crypto-comic while having regular consults with @lovejoy, @roadscape and @mada.

In his softly spoken, wise way, @mada said “…juggling chainsaws”. That is exactly what it all feels like. If I were to show you excepts from one day of my life right now, it would look like a collage of dad stuff with @guthrie, photography, ghost hunting equipment, lunches with friends about singularity moments with AI’s, mythology, coffee […or lately, water], research, graphic design, late night sketching on the iPad, 4K filming. All of those in no particular order. My brain is getting pulled in so many directions, everything too important to neglect. Genuinely, the feeling of juggling chainsaws.

Here’s a quick glimpse in to some of the things that’s are the incubation stage. There is a project that’s developing called @axiomproject. You can, and should, follow that account. I have over 20 years of experience in cinematography, video editing and directing. I haven’t done those things for the majority of my career, but I definitely have the skill sets and equipment. I wanted to do something that would lend itself to @dtube and that blossomed in to the @axiomproject. We’ll be releasing a pilot soon, but if you’re in to ghosts, this will be a must see.

@ghostfish is one of the first friends I made after moving to Minneapolis. He is an artist and writer. We used to meet at a warehouse coffee shop in NE Minneapolis called Diamond’s. We’d talk over fiction we were writing. He’s a driven creator. I love that he’ll conjure up stories whether I see him or not. We have great creative chemistry. We’re working on a horror anthology akin to Tales From The Crypt or Creep Show, only in comic book form. We’re really looking at @fundition to move the project a long after seeing the success from friends like @drwatson, @la-fumettista and @bryan-imhoff with their respective comic projects.

Lastly, I’m still treading water with my crypto-comic, which was originally titled “Cryptopia”. That’s changed since I learned of the Cryptopia exchange. This is the one that’s the closest to my heart, which is sad, because it’s the furthest from my drawing hand. I have this story so developed in my head. If I can’t draw it any time soon […appreciate that to all whales dumping 1500BTC every time the market starts to recover], I do think I’m going to re-write it. I’m sure in time when things recover and I can draw, I’ll realize the timing is exactly right, but for now, it’s frustrating.

That’s it. I’m done venting. I did need to put all of this in writing so I can parse it make sense of my life. As overwhelmed as I feel, I really excited about these new endeavors. Thanks for reading. For more thoughts of life, photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Seems really a big Steem community in Minneapolis, so many @s ! I should put Minneapolis next time on my trip in US, would be nice to grab a coffee with you guys! Nice comic work btw, yea, cryto crashes, apparently not all people enjoy HODL TT

I can definitely empathize. But despite the chainsaw dangers, I’m excited for all your projects in the pipeline! Are you making any headway on your photo editing backlog? I imagine it’ll feel wonderful when you’re finally caught up from the aftermath of Dark Pinup.

Wow It shows that the job really has you pressed, the more projects or ideas arise more responsibilities you want to say that this will not be the first or the last day you find yourself so, the best will be to rest a bit to start with a lot of energy your other Act Ividades

how about a photo shoot with a model in hotpants and a chainsaw?

i reckon that could be pretty cool!


Boy, do I feel you. 'juggling chainsaws' sounds just about right. I have had a week on top of the usual art/design things I've had to deal with plumbing issues in one of my cottages, get Winter tenants in there, then they went cray cray and had to apease them, trying to orchestrate the last people for my other cottage, planning out my Autumn...anyhoo, It's a lot.

I mirror your feeling too when at the end of the day you are ready to unwind and pat yourself on the back and them blammo texts arrive! Not fun.

I am super excited about your various projects, the ghost thing sounds amazing. I, too, have this graphic novel/comic I've been carrying around and haven't decided the timeframe or what I can give up to give over to it. I like the idea of the funding, as you suggested, as maybe such a thing would frame the work in the context of earnings and timelines. Who knows.

Well, good luck and enjoy SOME down time, from one busy artist to another. Hey, at least you have @caffetto, still jealous of that ;)

It is good that you let go of all that you have inside and as you say venting.
There are so many things and pending projects, I think that Mada had a perfect name, but that does not mean you can not do it @kommienezuspadt! You are very good at what you do and we can see that despite so many hours without sleeping work edited, with your child and increasingly continues to share with your followers and supporting others.
soon we will read cryptopia.

Awesome man! I really couldn't recommend @fundition enough!

I feel terrible, it took me 3 days to read this and it was a fabulous post. Let’s swap lives, I’ll juggle your chainsaws and you be me for a month? Lol. I’m just not feeling stressed for you and more excited you went ghost hunting! So I’m very curious about this axiomproject and all your cinematography experience was unexpected. I’ll follow that account now.

Be well, don’t stress and as long as your beloved comic is alive in your mind, it’s just waiting for the right moment. Or maybe it will be replaced with a more amazing project. This happens. My current project was not my original plan at all. The door’s still open for more possibilities until one day something compels you to just sit down and breathe life into it...and even then, that’s a long process.

Am I rambling? Yes. ;)