Oh Deer...

in life •  28 days ago

Well tonight was a hell of an evening.

I volunteer my time for a friend to make soap. She owes me nothing, I do it because she's awesome.
Sometimes she'll gift me money, or body products or food. Depends whats up her sleeve, but she's an incredible woman.

I had a bad feeling not to head out this evening. Begged my husband to come home to leave before dark, but he had his plans and thats how it stayed.

After getting ready and heading out the door, i gripped the wheel in what felt like entirely crushing fear.

The place i make soap at is an hour away, so off i went freaking out on the inside that something was going to go wrong.

Well, it did. I took a wrong turn as its now winter time here, so the usual path i travel is no longer accessible until spring. Ferrys can't run with ice in the water.

As i headed down the road i realized i went the wrong way. Luckily I had my husbands phone which has google maps, so whilw indeed i realized i was headed down the wrong path, i could still get to my destination. Which was great, until the last stretch where my car got hung up on snow from yesterday's snowfall.

After 20 minutes of clearing wheels, reversing and driving back and forth to rock the car, i managed to get it free!


On the way again.

Until i got to the highway. A few kilometers down the highway i spotted a deer on the left lane. There was oncoming traffic, and this is a single lane highway. Suddenly a deer came from the right side as well.
Now im left with no options. I cannot swerve and miss him as ill hit someone head on, who also has 2 cars behind them so it would be a hell of a collision, I cant hit my breaks as a semi is behind me, and i cant go into the ditch as id roll my car trying to avoid this creature.

So unfortunately i had to hit the poor thing in the head as it refused to move and i had only seconds to react.
Luckily there was no leaking of any fluids, as i managed to slow my car just enough. Headlight still worked and there appears to be no significant damage other than bumper and fender.
So i'll have to head to the wrecking yard as soon as possible and pick pieces up for my car.

Could have been a LOT worse than it was, so im thanking the universe tonight im home safe with my kids after an eventful and soap filled evening.

My friend brought me pizza pops and a box of wine tonight, so i am grateful as i had some supper and some good drink to wash it down with tonight as my husband had our beautiful kids sleeping in bed by the time i got home.


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