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From Wikipedia

There have been attempts to connect Eurṓpē to a Semitic term for "west", this being either Akkadian erebu meaning "to go down, set" (said of the sun) or Phoenician 'ereb "evening, west",[16] which is at the origin of Arabic Maghreb and Hebrew ma'arav. Michael A. Barry, professor in Princeton University's Near Eastern Studies Department, finds the mention of the word Ereb on an Assyrian stele with the meaning of "night, [the country of] sunset", in opposition to Asu "[the country of] sunrise", i.e. Asia. The same naming motive according to "cartographic convention" appears in Greek Ἀνατολή (Anatolḗ "[sun] rise", "east", hence Anatolia).[17] Martin Litchfield West stated that "phonologically, the match between Europa's name and any form of the Semitic word is very poor."[18] Next to these hypotheses there is also a Proto-Indo-European root *h1regʷos, meaning "darkness", which also produced Greek Erebus.

I didn't expect to find this quote on the internet but I was surprised and relieved at the same time because it helped me save a lot of time explaining instead now I can only affirm it in fact the Arabic


means "sunset" and is also referred to the land of the West as opposed to "SharK" which means "sunrise"or the land of the East

Ouroub sounds very similar to Europe and it would be even more if Arabic alphabet had the letter "P" in it which the Persian alphabet has though


I mean it is still Arabic but somehow it is not used in the Arab countries anymore but that's another topic
It would even sounds more similar if on the other hand the Latin alphabet had the word "Ghayn"


which is the sound that a turkey makes or when you gargle some water in your mouth but try softening the "G" while doing it and you will get a pretty close replica...pretty awkward letter if you ask me
In fact "Ouroub" can also be written "Ghouroub" which comes from "Gharb" meaning West

On the other hand the Indo-European origins of the word West and East mean dawn or sunrise and evening or night respectively

I can't remember where or when but it was an eastern king, maybe, talking to his western counterpart and saying something around these lines:

"We are the ones that saw the first sunrise while you are the ones that will see the last sunset"


I'd like to think of it as a chat between Saladin and Richard...kinda apocalyptic in the tone but I thought it was funny to mention
here is a meme too

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