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It is a day where we celebrate and share the love with people whom we loved. Of course, it should not be limited to couples, newly weds and spouses. This very day should be celebrated by everyone who believes in love. I still remember vividly on how Interstellar interpret love as a force that transcend through space and time. It is a bond that is even stronger than gravity itself whereby it is timeless and ‘spaceless’.

Feeling loved is something human tend to crave for and I do believe it is one of the most sustainable source of happiness in life. Love itself can be express in different ways and as long as we appreciate the commitment we have for each other, the love is mutual.

Being with her, is one of the blessing I had in life. Again, wishing everyone a blessed and happy Valentine’s Day! (Yay on the way back to Selangor)

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So sweet lo, lovely couple

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