Change Who You Are Within the Work You Do

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I'm looking at the habit of dragging in relation to work.

Why to we tend to begin to drag through the day, or through experiences, and end up trying to avoid situations that we project we will necessarily have to drag ourselves through?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to drag in my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed dragging to exist within and as me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create and manifest the energetic experience of 'dragging' and then accept and allow myself to be influenced by it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to drag my feet when it is time to do something that needs to get done but that I don't want to do because I have created and experience about it, that it is either boring, hard, difficult, complicated, full of obstacles etc... wherein, I have already created a current time emotional experience based on past experiences making this more likely to manifest in my reality for real, when in fact, everything can be broken down and moved through smoothly, with a combination of flexibility, flow and control of oneself throughout.

An example of this was an issue I dealt with at work today, where a client had gone through a lot of unnecessary complications to get her transfer completed. I was the one to do the last step with her to get the money out and moving. At the very end we noticed some missing information, and had to re-do the entire thing.

I felt a wave of dread come over me, bracing myself for dealing with the client in this situation, as well as having to re-do all the work.

But in that moment I realized that I can decide how this all plays out - I am not bound to my initial reaction, nor my memories of similar situations:

I took a breath and made a decision in that moment to do my absolute best. Not just in terms of customer service, but also deep within myself, as in, who I am within the work that I do. I told myself that this part of my job is no different than the parts that go well and I can get through more easily. I decided I could get through this in the same way - easily, a simply step by step process like everything else.

I changed my stance towards the client and took away all my emotional reactions towards her, breathed them out and blew them away - something I have been practicing for many years now. Patience, listening, and being efficient were the qualities that began to come through. I did all the steps and submitted the work, apologized and thanked her, hung up the phone and let it go.

And that was it. I was the master of myself and the situation, and I planted a seed within myself for the next time a similar situation comes up: instead of having burdensome memories holding me down, I am creating light and airy examples to draw from, to assist and support myself to be flexible and flow through my day in a way where I am in control.

My new program script:

When and as I see myself beginning to feel that experience of dread and resistance toward a situation in front of me or in the near future, I stop, and I breath. I bring myself back to self-directed self-movement by reminding myself that every situation is simply a series of steps, even if I don't understand everything, I know I can get myself to a place of understanding and also move through any unexpected steps that may arise.

This is like spring cleaning for the mind - because if we don't take a moment to clean up our acts, we end up accumulating all sorts of shit that will drag us down more and more as the years pass.

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Well done! In most cases, what happened in the past isn't necessarily an indicator of what will happen next, especially if you remain aware and conscious of the possibility that you are "reacting to a memory," rather than to what is actually happening, right now.


insightful @denmarkguy

Thanks for that.

Way to Go! @kimzilla

Attitude and Posture are 2 key points i've been realizing can really support me in and as my self-creation here.

Awareness is our Key.

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