This flower is not less than any sanjivani boot,

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The figure (Acaq / Madar) plant is 120 cm to 150 cm long. It gets a lot in the jungle. It is used as a homeopathy drug called Calotropis gigantia. There are some tree plants around us that we are unaware of, and there are some plants which, along with being poisonous, provide our body with natural properties, but being unaware of it, we keep away from these plants is. Similarly, there is a flower of the axle to be offered in Shivling.


Due to allergic or stubbornness in skin, itching becomes a problem. Burn its root to get rid of it. Mix its ash in bitter oil and place it on itchy places. The problem of itching will be overcome.

Burn salt and oily oil on five soft leaves of fire and burn it in the fire. Remove the ashes from them and keep them aside. And after feeding 2 pinches daily, hemorrhoids are cured after 15 days.

Heat the ghee on the yellowish leaves of the Madar, and after taking the juice from it, pour two to three drops into the ear, it gives great benefit in the diseases of the ear.

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