Taking the Red Pill Doesn't Have to Mean a Life of Loneliness, Fear, or Suffering

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The idea of the "red pill" comes up quite often in the circles that I find myself in, as do the archetypes of the paranoid conspiracy theorist, the pissed off leather & studs protester, and the "statist sheeple"-berating keyboard anarchists. This particular mythology is so popular & well-known, so entrenched in modern culture, and so lined up with our own reality in terms of timing, technology portrayed, possibility of its timeline happening, etc. Because of that, many people end up internalizing more than just the idea of a shattering of the old story, and fall into the story of the angry, depressed, or otherwise suffering few that know the truth.

In this particular case, I was looking around for new creators to add to @tribesteemup, and came across this post by @krisstofer. He phrased the choice between the pills like this:

I will ask you something. If you had a choice. Like in the matrix:
Red Pill: You will know the truth, but you will be joyless for the rest of your life.
Blue Pill: You will never have the chance to know the truth, but you will be the happiest motherfucker in the world.

Would you have the balls to suffer for the sake of spreading the truth?

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Although so many people seem to follow a version of the story that plays out like that, I don't believe Morpheus actually makes the implication that the explosion of truth & ability to see reality for what it is would necessarily mean a joyless life, or one of suffering.

As Morpheus put it in The Matrix:

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes doesn't necessarily mean that life starts to suck or something. It means giving up many belief systems & frames of reference you've been living in; it means many of the people who used to be in their life no longer being around; it means taking on a lot more responsibility... full responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your actions, your experience.

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In terms of going through a process, it certainly makes sense to go through a stage of depression, as well as stages of anger. This is basically the five stages of grief playing out; only we are actually grieving the death of the world we believed existed, the death of the lies. We get angry when we realize what has been/is being done to beings all over the planet, we get depressed when we feel the suffering of those beings. SO many of us get stuck in denial first, or even along the way will hit more denial around certain topics. In the "stages of grief" they end with acceptance, which it's important to be clear is not about being "ok" with the situation.

From Grief.com:

Acceptance is often confused with the notion of being “all right” or “OK” with what has happened. This is not the case. Most people don’t ever feel OK or all right about the loss ... This stage is about accepting ... that this new reality is the permanent reality.

In both situations (losing a loved one & waking up to the truth), this is a natural process for us to go through, and the real problem comes in when we get stuck, when we don't allow ourselves to keep moving forward (generally due to fear of some kind).

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There is one big difference, which I find rather empowering, in grief for the loss of a loved one and grief due to the "loss of a reality", the awakening to a broader & more truthful experience of the world. That difference is that you can change the world. We can't bring a loved one back from the dead, but every single thing we do helps shape the world of the future. All of our conversations, what we put our time & energy into, the things that we promote (our pet interests that we tend to tell everyone about), where we spend our "money", who we surround ourselves with, etc.

Whichever story you choose to tell, that is the story you will end up experiencing in your physical life. Many people will argue that they are living in ways they "don't want" or "would never ask for", but I never said it's always done consciously. If someone doesn't recognize the power of their words & their thoughts, the power of their focus... They've still got all the magnificent creative power of the universe, focused through human intention & action, and they're basically the stereotypical magician's apprentice who starts casting spells by accident, making a general mess of things through accidental/non-intention direction of magic/the force/focus.

Once you see the Matrix, you can begin detaching your own life from it, taking responsibility for your experience of life, truly FREEing yourself. Remember, there is more new data every day than any human can keep up with, and your experience of life is based mostly on your beliefs, your stories, your expectations... the programs you run. Since there's limited space (time) to input the things you want to program yourself with, do you want to focus your energy into the problems, or the manifold solutions to those problems?

When you sit down to read a book/watch a movie, is it a dystopian tale of how much worse things could get from where you are right now (a la 1984, The Hunger Games, or any number of zombie stories)... or are you telling yourself a story about how well humans can function together, how we can heal, cooperate, and grow as a species (like The Culture Series, Men Like Gods, Always Coming Home, or K-Pax)?

Personally, I take a solutions-oriented approach to life. This means that I focus on reading/watching/listening to things that continue to bring me more new ideas & insights into solutions being created, I focus on sharing that empowering knowledge & connections, and I focus on implementing as many of these solutions into my own life as I possibly can. Every problem contains its solution, and this world of shadow, violence, and control was necessary to create the paradigm shift we are a part of right now. Would cryptocurrencies exist without the central banking system existing? If governments like the US didn't commit false flags, raise taxes, and increase controls, would their "citizens" ever get uncomfortable enough to actually change things?

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  • Worried about fiat currencies, usury, and the energetic controls of the work-for-money system? Focus on alternative currencies (crypto, local) & exchange systems (time-banking, barter, RBE), finding passive & more gift-based models (which Steemit is to a small extent), etc.
  • Worried about the mass media control systems? Stop taking them in; don't read their websites or papers, watch their TV or videos, listen to their radio, etc. Find the most exciting & empowering content/news/entertainment you can, and enjoy it! Then share it with your circles.
  • Worried about EMF, 5G, wi-fi, chemtrails, or other technological attacks/control systems? Focus on a detoxifying diet, keeping your immune system up, limiting exposure to excess radiations, drinking clean water, spending lots of time in nature, and learning about things like orgonite, shungite, and building faraday cages into your architecture (for rooms where you sleep, meditate, etc.)
  • Worried about Monsanto, GMOs, and the centralization of the food supply? Start growing your own food, support farmer's markets & food co-ops, dumpster-dive, stop buying food from companies that use GMOs (buying organic General Mills products is still supporting them), focus on homemade, lovingly-prepared food, research things like permaculture, aquaponics, and food forests.

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One of the biggest issues that people seem to run into after having their "awakening" is a sense of alone-ness. This happens because most of the people they've interacted with and built relationships with in the preceding years, are not ready to see the Matrix, or to step out of it. It's important to remember that while many humans will fall out of your life, they are simply making room for many more, who are more in alignment with the new you, and who will actually help you on your own journey.

Sure, it may not happen overnight, especially if you continue shopping at the old places you used to, drinking at the bar you used to drink at, etc. But once you start to make your physical life more closely reflect your new understanding of reality, you will put yourself in ever more places where like-minded people gather. Your tribe is right there, waiting to meet you, but you've got to step out of your old patterns, expectations, and places of comfort.

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"Besides, no one takes away our sense of humor or our goodwill ever. It may be our only act of defiance other than just telling the truth."
~ from my website..

... still trying to perfect that :)


I think it's well said enough ;)

@kennyskitchen -- SICK POST DUDE - I just just watched a video of you being interviewed on YouTube and then checked a feed and this post was on top..

Ill definitely have to digest some of thoughts and reread some of your awesome suggestions for people to solve their own personal/health/social problems - Rock On!! Re-blogged brother@krytonika

I had an old poem I wrote and it had a line something like " Spending late night listening to the dead (reading) I'd rather take two blues and watch Ratatouille (alluding to loratabs which were blue - never had an opiate thing beyond the occasional here and there and my favorite is to watch cartoons since they are so bright and happy, and enhance the calm feeling). I also had worried as a child that I might be 'brilliant' , siince i only knew how tough the lives of most of the scientists, writers and adventurers we learned about in school had been. At one point I even decided not to learn anything more to save me the pain lol. I have sort of come to viewing this balancing act of information/cynasism & joy as a sine curve undulating along an x axis that represnts how much I know. I feel determined and optimistic, then learn something that brings me back into cynasism, but if I keep on pushing through that and having those conversations with the dead, I always find that piece that brings me peace. It's interesting how the visualization of the sine curve also is represented in the grief picture. Another great way of looking at it, that helps it make sense (as much as anythiing every makes sense that is haha). I always tell people who comment on my happy personality that I worked a lot harder for my optimism than my cyasism and see it as a sign of wisedom beyond the intelligence that gives me my more caustic attributes. Great piece, well done!!

Answering your first question: I think I signed up for the Red Pill even before birth... well, perhaps many lifetimes of the red pill. Glad I found you. Followed the line from @adamkokesh. Blessings.