Kenny's Vlog 6.2.18 - Big energies, life unfolding faster & faster, sorry I haven't been replying to comments much!

in life •  6 months ago

Wooo Weeee! 2018 so far has just been absolutely insane; so much growth, so much healing, so much life, so much joy! So many big things coming down the pipeline right now, and I am just riding the waves of this wonderful time!

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Some things touched on in this video:

  • I want to apologize because I haven't been replying to comments much recently. Only so much time in front of the screen, and most of it is eaten up with @tribesteemup, @be-empowered, and replying to direct messages on various platforms.
  • @TribeSteemUp is rapidly expanding & evolving! Our website is getting knocked out by @bryanj4 & @flauwy, and we're developing the 2.0 version of the 1Up system, which will allow the community to vote on the best 10 posts every day, and reward each of them with a 100% dolphin vote (and curation trail). Follow @tribetopten to keep up with that as it develops.
  • Big astrological things! Apparently Chiron is moving into Aries for the next 9 years, Uranus is moving into Taurus for the next 7 years (I'm a Taurus, and I guess this means big things), and apparently Pluto is doing big things too.. I don't know much about this stuff, but it has been coming up periodically in the last week.

Thank you all for stopping by, and may today bring you never-before-seen levels of healing, joy, expansion, and peace!

I love you!!



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Sleep Kenny, sleep! You've done well this year with TribeSteemUp!

Love the 1UP vote idea.

I FEEL YOU 100% on everything you said in this video, in relation to producing my album, planning my release party, and all the other various projects I am taking on simultaneously with @tribesteemup, Steemit, cryptos, renovating my travel trailer, and our farms. I actually used the word "wave" in my album update article I published this evening as well, I just got back from the Studio for our last session, now the editing and mixing are done, and the mastering process has begun. Feeeew, i feel the intensity coming, i described that in my post as well. Trust me, I feel you bro. Just breath it all in and keep the rock rolling. Once we each build our snowballs, we can combine them to make a colossus snow man. Bless.

Is the video freezing for anyone else at 0:43 or is it just my end?


Just played through for me


Ok. My Kindle has been getting temperamental, so that's a new feature, it seems. It did it on dtube yesterday too.


Same for me unfortunately.
But I have to say that these are some great updates up to this point.
This is an example again that hard and honest work pays of everytime.
Keep on pushing man! :)

Hello @kennyskitchen. I am really excited about the wonderful things that you are doing with the @tribesteemup. Supporting talented content creators on daily basis and helping them to hang on a bit more. Truly inspiring! Waiting eagerly for the website to come up soon. And No need to apologize for being busy because you are affecting so many lives through the work you are doing. Now I have understood why I did not get any reply from your side on discord. Hehe :P These initiatives are taking away all your time. Good to see you talking and walking in the video. I hope you get some good sleep! Have a great day ahead.

Thank you for your time for new steemit users and a epic beard! I saw your transfer to @baa.steemit! I had no idea he just did a gig for you! You were very generous to him as I know his rates. I personally feel he is worth what you sent him and more! But im like a proud big brother of his! You rock broseph!

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Sleep Kenny, sleep! You've done well this year with TribeSteemUp!

Love the 1UP vote idea.

Hey dope content man. check me out too