Hey folks! I'm still alive :-) Vacations sure can be disorienting when you haven't taken one in over a decade!

in life •  7 months ago

Greetings beautiful humans!

You may have been wondering where I've been for the past month... me too! It turns out these last weeks have been something of a vacation for me, not really working or stressing or doing much of anything. Rest, relaxation, practicing not judging myself for not working.

I've been feeling a bit of stuck energy since before the Winter Solstice, having a distinct lack of clarity about which direction(s) I should be focusing, what the most exciting opportunities are for me right now, what the long-term is... I really have no idea on any of it haha! Asking for clarity, asking for guidance, watching for the omens.

The biggest piece has definitely been just being OK with not doing anything. For the first couple decades of my life, I really didn't have much self-love/self-worth, and over the past years as I've practiced & built self-worth, so much of it has been tied into my service, my work, that when I've not been working it has faded. These past weeks have been a strong practice of not doing anything except exactly what I want to do in a given moment, and just letting that be as it is!

I've got 1 week left before going back to it hardcore, but will probably be getting on Steemit much more this week too :-)

I love you all!


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Great to see you Kenny! -omigod yeah, "doing nothing" is actually (crazy as it sounds) much more difficult than one would think. We can barely go one whole minute without actively creating. For example, meditating for 30 minutes. Not an easy effort doing so. It is strangely difficult for us to just BE. We have been hard-core programmed to continually be making, doing, acting, moving, thinking etc for a very very long time. So long that it's actually in our genetics. As intended.

I have taken a sabbatical from employment slavery for a couple years now. In that time I really endeavored to learn deep meditation. It has taken me so much further into life and myself. The programming is evident in the fact that everyone is so... weirded out by the idea of learning to simply be still and breathe.

One of the first lessons in "God School" is learning when NOT to create.

Good for you man, stretch the moments and soak in all that beautiful reality.

Always good to see ya' brother! You enjoy that well deserved vacay! Time for ones self is very important. Look forward to seeing you back. Enjoyed!

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wow great post

Excellent brother and perfectly structured and you are trend as always greetings and my respects.

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Welcome back - glad to hear that you have been chillin' and letting things be :)

Lucky you man👍

Looking fresh Kenny, welcome back. Funny thought, put your beard on your head with snapchat, lol. You strike me as someone who can create a great philosophy series, that'll keep you entertained. Man you have a lot in the works in terms of events.

I'm to see u are back and also i hope u had a great vacation

I can relate brother and love this post, i hadn't taken a trip for a decade back in 2009 and ventured to Russia by myself because no one wanted to go, it was a trip for sure!! Traveling is disorienting and great all in one.!!

nice great to read your article

You sound like a really great guy. I think that's awesome that you put yourself in that position of not working for a month, (totally relate btw) and letting yourself learn that its OK to do that.

I am of the opinion that its okay to not know what you are supposed to be doing just yet, it is okay to take time to breath and think about it for as long as it takes :)

Liked this post lots, I hope the rest of your week is fulfilling :)

It's good to have you back man :D