Is it better to seek to do something that you are passionate about and not the money you can earn?

in life •  4 months ago

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Money is something very powerful, creates and destroys empires, allows some dreams to come true and others can not be realized, makes some people happy and others are completely miserable. However, having a money-based mentality makes that many people deviate from their true path in life for another that is least convenient for them. When people choose their professional careers, they are sometimes blinded by money and choose to follow something that they believe will bring them big profits

There are few feelings that produce better satisfaction than achieving the goal you have set for yourself. There is nothing better than to cross out from your list the established goals that you wanted to achieve. When you finally reach the top, you will see that it is much more pleasant to know that you are there doing something that you like. Remember that work does not have to be something you hate, stay true to yourself and always do what makes you happy.!

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