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Many people will roll their eyes when you say you want to start your own business... It's "been done before," Most businesses "fail." But that shouldn't deter you from getting closer to your dreams; Many people are so negative in the world. And they truly don't want you to succeed they want you stuck at your job for the rest of your life.

Ignore Their Claims.

Many people will claim things that aren't true; They put you down.
Do you know what you should do? Research, Research, Research.

  • They may claim that every idea you have "won't work." How do they know? Have they tried it first hand? Tried it, Exactly the way you have? Don't let those people get you down.

Learning From mistakes is overrated!

A lot of self-help people claim that making lots of mistakes is a good thing; I have made millions of mistakes. But it doesn't always make you "better" or "stronger." In some cases, I've found my self-knowing I "screwed" up. But I sit their stupidly trying to find out where I went wrong, And I can't pinpoint it. You can also learn from OTHER PEOPLES mistakes, Which will allow you to grow faster without losing money or resources.
Do that.

  • Or -
    Fail early, and often.
    Lets just get all the failure over with. Make a million mistakes right now, that way down the road, When your business is bigger, you won't be making those dumb mistakes anymore.

Success is the REAL motivation.

When you fail, you may not feel very motivated. When you are successful, you get more motivated. You may go nuts when you are successful. When you see those numbers in the bank account, you'll work harder!

Planning is guessing!

I'm going to sound like James Altucher by saying this. Lol. But you can't predict the future; You won't know what happens tomorrow. It's quite reassuring to fill out your planner, That's why I do it. I like to feel like I have a grip on the future, I know whats going to happen. But the truth is, You NEVER know what will happen. When you plan, you are making educated guesses. That's it.
You could die tomorrow, you never know!

Too many factors are out of your hands!

Sometimes when I'm throwing a tantrum like a baby, And I'm so stressed I feel like screaming. I have to realize that these are things I have NO CONTROL over. Crying is not going to change anything. Instead, I need to use what I can control as leverage to get what I want.

  • The Platform you are using, May changes their rules, Overnight. You have no say in that. You can't force them to change their rules back.
  • You may run out of something even though you did inventory properly.
  • your employee may screw up badly.

While you can occasionally influence these factors, You cant control anything.
DON'T be a control freak. Relax. Do what you can. And don't let the stress kill you.

Don't rely too heavily on your plans.

Plans change, Factors change, Feelings change!
Don't let your plans blind you. Otherwise, you'll be screwed in the end.

"You have the most information when you are doing something, Rather then when you are preparing for something."
You may be about to go to a job interview, Well you have no idea what the interview will be like, Every interview is different. While you can guess the questions, they are going to ask. You 'll never know for 100% sure what they will ask. Don't be blinded so much by your plans that you have no idea how to answer the questions. This will screw you over.

What will you do this week?

I hate people who only have long term goals.
Sure, You want to buy a car five years from now.

You need short term goals, Or your likely to fail.
Plan what you will do THIS week. And Wing the rest. Or have a somewhat lose goal for the rest.
Having closer goals will make you responsible and force you to work harder RIGHT now to get to them.

It's okay to just "Wing It"

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I agree with some of what you posted @elyaque

A formula that I tried with some success for stratups. You need the following elements:

  • Vision (the direction where you are heading, including purpose, creativity, and what you are delivering to make a better world)
  • Passion (which is the deep core motivation energy the
  • Research a niche (where you are going to bloom your business)
  • Network of people that support your vision (your future clients and enthusiasts)
  • Technology (what kind of techniques and system that will support your efforts and vision)
  • Time spent on hard work (lots of time, to the verge of obsession)

So you have the following formula:

(V+P+R+Tech) x (N x Time) = SUCCESS

Love this!!! Thank you. I love that you turned it into like a math problem heeh

What's really important is that YOU believe! I've told people for years (and I'm really old) that the people that are successful are the ones that find out what they're good at and capitalize on it. My business philosophy has been find out what other people in the business are doing and do something different. Make your own niche.

Thank you! I love this! It's true. Like James altucher says, It's good to mix ideas. Sometimes it's really hard to be completely original. So make your own niche like you said.

This is really a beautiful post... and hits home in the sense that I am also self-employed, and have been for a really long time. I believe it is important to establish our basis for how we're motivated. Some people are motivated by fear of failure, others by the reward of success. Do we seek security? Or power? Or recognition? Or simply financial gain?

It's important to create our own niche, using our own paradigms... not other people's. Great post!

I agree with you completely! Not everyone has the same exact reason for self employment! As long as we are motivated part of our success comes from that.

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Thank you!

This is good! Needed this post to get some good perspective! Thanks

No problem I'm glad it helped.