Having A Job Is So EXPENSIVE! Are You Making Money?

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I've already written posts about how expensive having a job can be. But recently going back to my old job, has made me realize the full extent of the expenses! Many of us go to work to make money. But we don't realize how much less money you'd need being self-employed.
This is one thing that shocked me the most when I finally left my job and was self-employed over a year and a half. I really could survive off of no money just fine.
But now that I'm back at UPS for now, While running my business. I see how much more money I need to make to maintain my life and employment.

Do you pay attention to how much you are spending to keep your job?

While not all these things are "necessary". For me to live, These things are "wanted."

You Eat More

This isn't the case for everyone especially if you work a desk based job. But I work in a dirty warehouse loading boxes all night. Usually loading between 1,700 - 2,500 as of right now, While my leg is fractured. But once that heals I plan to increase them.

Being self-employed. I really wouldn't eat much. Heck, There would be times I'd pick at my food and thats it. Eating the toppings off a pizza, Eating half a chicken breast. We are talking SMALL meals.

Since working at the warehouse again, I am now eating 3x more.
So my food bill is A LOT HIGHER. It's also more time consuming cooking these meals, (I avoid going out to eat.) Once I start pulling higher numbers, I could end up eating 4x as much who knows.

Do you work a physical job? If so you are probably spending A TON of food!



When I wasn't working a job, I would wash my clothes every 2-3 weeks.
This is because I'd be at home all day, So I wouldn't need to change my clothes as frequently.
But now I'm back loading boxes, My clothes get drenched in sweat, And coated in dirt.
I have to wash laundry one a week. And I can't go any longer than that. I don't wear a uniform, So that saves in clothing, and "special" laundry costs.


All night long, I've got boxes rubbing against my shirts. Occasionally brushing up against sharp slides, And sometimes my clothes get stabbed by the weird packages causing holes.
So my clothing costs have doubled. I even noticed working two weeks working there, And one of my nicer T-Shirts is now really faded and worn looking.
That was fast.

Boots And Gloves

They require I wear boots to work. Which cost me 50.00 for a big pair of Steel toed boots.
I also wear rubber coated work gloves to protect my hands.

  • Boots: $50.00
  • Gloves: $12.00 (for 6 pair)
    I go through 2 pairs of gloves per week.
    Costing me 4.00 a week in gloves, Or 16.00 a month in just glove costs.
    The boots on average last me about six months.

Gloves 16 a month X 12 Months = $ 192.00 A Year on gloves
Boots 50.00 For every six months = $ 100.00 A Year On Boots


You not only pay for gas, But you run up miles on your car, Which will lead to future repairs.
I Have a Honda Civic 2 Door Car.
That gets about 23 miles per Gallon. The average gas price in my area is 2.63
It costs me about 0.53 - 0.79 cents in gas per day to drive to and from work. So per week: 2.65 - 3.95
Per month: 10.60- 15.80.

Gas 10.60 - 15.80 a month x 12 = $ 127.00 - 189.00 Per Year
(Assuming I have almost perfect attendance)

You can calculate your gas costs here

Of course, there are many other factors like gas prices fluctuating, How fast you drive, But It's important to be mindful of how much you are spending.

Hair Dye

I love my fiery red hair, But it's not cheap to maintain. Because of the dirty warehouse, I work at; I have to wash it every day. Which dulls the color faster. As a result, I have to dye my hair once a week to give it that nice red color.

Each bottle of hair dye costs 16.99, And I use one bottle every two weeks.

Hair Dye: 16.99 X 2 = 33.98 A Month!


There are Many more!

Can you think of anything weird that you buy purely because you have a job?
Sometimes you don't even notice until you go without a job for a long period.
Like I use a lot of supplements to keep myself healthy, But when I'm not working a regular job, I rarely take them.
Of course, there are hundreds of other things you can take into an account, you may be spending more on handsoap, Laundry detergent, And using more or less electricity based on you working a regular job.
This post is meant to be funny, But also to express a point.
Sadly there is no way to calculate exactly you are spending down to a "T." Hopefully, techinology will figure that out, Because it's something I'm curious about. I only work part-time, Look at all these expenses!

Gloves 16 a month X 12 Months = $ 192.00 A Year on gloves
Boots 50.00 For every six months = $ 100.00 A Year On Boots
Gas 10.60 - 15.80 a month x 12 = $ 127.00 - 189.00 Per Year
Hair Dye: 16.99 X 2 = 33.98 A Month!

Then, of course, the government takes half your check as well.
But that would be another post altogether.



I have worked exclusively from home since 2011. And all of those things you mention are so true. We took things one step further, living on a big plot of land I've kept goats and my wife a garden so we grew our own food.

Supporting myself as a writer on line has its ups and downs but your costs are so low you have a bigger expense than the gas, tolls, clothes, lunches out, etc.

You have self-employment tax and if not for the tax write off from the farm, my tax burden would have been insanely high. So, there are plenty of ways (and thanks to Steemit one more) to get off the train, as it were.

I remember saying to my mom when I first got laid off back in 2011 and I was making $1200 a month writing online, she kept saying, "why don't you get a part-time job somewhere?"

And then I explained the costs of that $9.00/hr part-time job was really like $4.00/hr and that I was better off just staying home and looking for another small writing gig.

And she said, "Thomas, if everyone thought like you no one would ever go to work."

At which point I just smiled and said, "QED."

Excellent post.

When you account for taxes and real inflation, you will begin to realize where the real problem lies.

The most destructive thing about the devaluation of the currency is the loss of purchasing power, but most people don't understand this fact, they just see that what they make at their jobs isn't enough and try to get a second job to make ends meet.

END THE FED and their fake money!

Good to see a new photo of you, it is a lovely photo and you look great in it! :)
I agree with not realising how much more you need to pay because of having a job. My little brother does powder coating and his clothes need washing everyday, he needs a decent shower to get it all off him and more.

If the job pays decently though, you can usually come back on top, depending what expenses in your country really are though.

Aww thank you, Hehe you are so sweet.
Holy cow! Yeah your brothers job also sounds messy haha.
It pays okay. I work only like 20-25 hours a week. But because of a bonus they are giving out, I make like 13 an hour after tax pay.

Hehe just telling the truth. :)
Yeah he comes back all black from it hahaha.
Ah that's still alright, so long as you can come out ahead you're good. :)

Aww man! Heheh Thats how I am, Showering is kinda gross LOL

True :) I'm mostly there for fun anyways, I really don't need the money. I'm just shocked by how much it's costing me.

Can't be gross if you don't make it out to be gross. :)
Well at least you are enjoying it, the money is just a bonus and you get to be active doing something fun. :)

I never considered the expense of having a job but you brought everyday expenses to mind that I really had not thought about. A good economy will really help us all achieve our dreams of a more independent and profitable life.

Right? Many people don't. I feel like it's important to be aware of them.

poor guy in that pic he didn't even dye his hair :P,,, looks nick nolte xD
that and so many other tiny expenses ..i remember when I used to work from 8 to 12 hours sometimes even more...I realized that I work only to spend it in even less than a month and then work again to spend again...
zombie life
you women have it even worse with all the extras... :P

Right LOL XD
Holy cow! Right?
It's kinda hard to not blow your money as it comes in, Thats why I'm investing my earnings.
Yes hehe it takes quite a bit to look good haha.

I find it really hard to get people to see these things as work expenses. I'm 9 months into the "self employed" life and I'm loving it. It can be hard and it doesn't always make as much money as I would like, but it's so nice not having to worry about all the bullshit that comes from the system. I'd love to read that tax post. :)

Aww I'm so glad that you are self employed too! I love it as well. But UPS pays me to get a good workout, So I figured thats a better deal than a gym pass lol.
Heheh I'll have to write one at some point. The whole tax thing really pisses me off. I could ramble about it for days.
I'm so glad you are free from a job hehe.e

Lol @kaylinart ...love your last line! Yes, that would indeed be another post altogether! Eye opening math! I know what you mean about saving on clothes when at home. It's one of my favorite things since I don't like shopping for clothes anyway ;)

Thank you heheh :)
WOW you don't ? I hate shopping for clothes too ugh. Thats why I stick with basketball shorts and T-Shirts to make it easy!
I don't get how some women actually enjoy it.. So Stressful haha.

Yes @kaylinart! It IS stressful. Lol, when I walk in a Ross or Marshall's I sometimes wanna cry. So much stuff! Too many choices. I'm just like... "You know what...my jeans can last another year." ;)

If I weren't employed with this organization, I would be paying over $800 monthly for my personal health benefits (not for a family, just for myself) - because of my job I pay $0 out of pocket for pretty awesome healthcare. I know this isn't a common scenario, but for my personal situation, yes, keeping my job costs money, but the earnings and benefits majorly outweigh the other options I currently have based on my current skillset and network/connections.

Everyone's situations are different. Luckily I don't have to worry about hairdye...

Holy cow that is expensive! I know how expensive insurance can be. My part time job provides me wiith really nice insurance after 1 year. As someone who is self employed. I provide my own, But it's cheap and doesn't cover anything.
Which is annoying.
I'm glad you have found a workplace that gives you a lot more! I feel like many people who are making minimum wage, Who are spending a lot on their job expenses are getting badly ripped off.

Totally agree with you, Kaylin! Spot on. Its so true that they steal our lives and con us into buying them back! So glad there are so many escapees on Steemit! upvoted and followed! @dakini5d

it will depend on the nature of your job, but this time the best thing to invist our time in steemit and keep steem on..

Agreed :) No time is wasted on Steemit!

@kaylinart - I have spent many years working in consulting and I think if I keep going I will have to spend money on psychiatrists and some drugs to make sure I don't go insane :D I teach origami workshops sometimes and I have to spend money on paper.

My dream is to be self-employed and financially stable. Many people say money doesn't create happiness. While this proverb is true, poverty also prevents happiness. So, while you don't need absurd amounts of money to live in happiness and without stress, you do need a certain amount of wealth to be able to achieve your dreams and check them off your to-do list.
I never actually realized all the extra fees we had pay every time we went to our jobs. This further motivates me to pursue my dream of being self-employed and to be able to travel the world. To me, happiness is being able to travel to different countries with my family and friends, without stressing out about money.
Thanks for the great post kaylinart :D You always bring amazing information and value to our lives.

Totally... I think about this very often.

Car, gas, parking, travel time, state of health (maintaing it/products etc)
Food, Coffee!!!!

You basically nailed it with all the crap necessary to keep your employment.

I could probably save at least 1000$ a month ditching my car... However, the perks of having a car are worth it lol.

Right? It's expensive.
I agree with ditching your car! I got a car recently and it's pricey, But It can be worth it too.

i can agree that working for someone else is more likely to line someone elses pocket rather than your own, i have recently started my own business because of that - which ironically enough helps other people build their own online empire and make money in their spare time, just doing what they enjoy doing ; some have started youtube and twitch with video games, some have started their own affiliate market place, one is even writing her second book on spirituality while her first one is being typed up and soon to be published .
So far it is just a favor system with friends and family but i should say i feel like i am doing quite well seeing as i dont have any funds to speak of .
I also feel like as long as you love what you do, its not exactly work at that point .
i even have emails about tons of people looking for all kinds of writers, although i have not made any connections quite yet, i do have information in my blog about tons of places looking for writers .
And as for the government taking half the check - Taxation is theft !

Having a job is just a status-quo given by those in charge in society, in reality, wasting 9/10 hours of your life daily doesn't worth the 1000 dollars monthly paycheck.

Right? People don't realize how much time goes into it.

Incredible! I am very impressed. No kidding, it was really worthy to read! :)

It was well presented and I like how you engage readers into your story. Thanks for sharing!

Good post. This is definitely something that many people don't consider. I ride my bike to work, so that eliminates the gas/parking expense. Of course, food is my fuel, so I am probably up in that column.

I wear the same pants and shoes everyday. I alternate between 20 or so shirts. I eat at home because I can. Most women do not approve of the way that I dress but I'm not trying to impress them. Bitcoin and Cryptos give me hope that some day I will be able to work from home.

If I weren't employed with this organization, I would be paying over $800 monthly for my personal health benefits (not for a family, just for myself) - because of my job I pay $0 out of pocket for pretty awesome healthcare.

That is awesome and in some cases it's worth it to have that kind of job :)

When I was working at a regular job, I had to spend on food, spend on the bus transportation to get there, or taxi if I was late, I would get money taken from my pay on taxes, which I don't pay when being self-employed, I would spend on stimulants and cough drops, because I was talking all the time and tired. And then my body burnt out, I could no longer handle caffeine, and although I know the burnout was caused by pschological issues, it was the best thing that could have happened to me then, because I stopped trying to work on my company and projects and started actually working on them. I make a lot less, but I spend a lot less and lose a lot less too.

Yeah working is way expensive ... specially if you commute.

Lucky for me i work less than a kilometer away from home.
Also, i get an uniform so i don't have to use much clothing and do much laundry ...

I went from teaching to writing fulltime. I didn't buy ties or dress shirts this year. Or new pants, and I dont drive as much, So that's a savings.

( But I do buy a Starbucks every workday. That's my rent for writing at the coffee shop.)

But this is a good observation about being self employed.

My expenses went up though overall I think because I kept my health insurance through COBRA.

But yes, getting a job isnt all free money.

The other aspects of course is emotional expense. We were not created to be a desk 24/7. However, I will tell you being self employed I still fall into this trap.

A key to understanding the choice is also what needs you must have. Some people crave variety and are more willing to take risks. Others want safety and a job provides this.

I myself love being self employed and putting more time into what is most important in my life which is spending time with my 2 1/2 year old boy.

I am a cryptocurrency trader.. I am not making big money but I dont mind.. What I need is experience and patience.. I am still learning .. I know someday I will win.. Experience must pay me!

Experience is worth a lot more than most people realize. I'm glad you see it!

A little story that will give you an hint.

My dad was once contacted by a job headhunters and went for the interview by curiosity.

At the end of the interview he asked : "Why me I already have a job ?"

The headhunter answered : "I wouldn't have contacted you if not."

WOW! Yes, that's right. To maintain the standard when you do a job is expensive. Sometimes you don't have any choice. You have to spend any way. And there's nothing much you can do.

Now you can calculate another thing.
How much do you earn doing that job? Do you get paid the level you're supposed to get? Can you use your full skills doing that job?

Then you subtract your expenses from your earnings. You will get the real picture.

Cars are such a huge cost, I used to have a killer commute and my petrol costs alone were eye watering.

Those really are good spending. My list would be alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol. Sometimes rave, and then by year end if I got sick for a couple weeks and didn’t go out, I’d have enough to travel...

YOu look hot with that red hair.

Thank you ;)

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

It is definitely good to have a job that guarantees you a high income but you should not do the job for every price.
If you do not like the job at all I would recommend to find something else because you spend so much time on work, it would be sad to struggle trough this time. Surely it is true that our consumption behavior depends on our income. it is a great feeling to buy what you want to.

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Very good topic, not many people talk about this, they just go about their lives without ever discussing it. I would say Gas is the main expense, and every other car related expense, maintenance and insurance, etc
Avoid eating snacks and paying for meals and coffee, is probably the best way to save money. All of these really can add up at the end of the month.

Wow, I wouldn't have even thought about these things... It all becomes clear haha

The good side of being employed and not work from home - you don't have to heat your house when you out for like 10 hours a day!

Another cost to add to the bill: my partner has changed his workplace and it added in restaurant meals once a week for team bonding and he needs to support all sorts of charity events in the building! :)) And he started to eat more sugar because every day there is someone bringing sweets :))) This, in turn, resulted in him going to the dentist! He stopped sweets now, lol!

more you need to pay because of having a job under someone else.Start your own business. :)

YOU R so clever cheers!

Hey @kaylinart

I also want to be self-employed and start my own business. I am full-time worker now though I am an online marketer. I think there are many expenses which we neglect when we work.

The most valuable asset we have is "Time". We give our time to help other make money but we don't take time to learn new things and create 2nd increase stream.

I've started my blog and I am write on few sites like Steemit where I am earning extra from my online activities.

I work as a freelancer as well.

Thanks for this valuable post.

The hair looks lovely and really calls attention to how stunning your eyes are.

You make great points here. It really calls attention to the "two income trap" a lot of couples get into, where the costs of working really start to multiply. Keeping a second car on the road is a tremendous expense if you can avoid it, and in cases where you have to factor in childcare costs, a lot of couples wind up in debt because they're hobbled by the feeling that both partners need to pursue a career.

The Wife and I have had periods where we're both working, and where neither is. And it's amazing how little financial help you get from that second income. In fact, the best experience we had was when she worked at Starbucks, and we got that free pound of coffee every week. Of course, now we're addicted to strong coffee...

Up-Voted - See my comment on the most recent post

Lesson Learnt - many hidden cost to working? ok...maybe I need to work at home, in my underpants, with home made snacks, and die my hair with berries I plant in the garden.... :D

Peace ✌, Hope 🙏, & Love 💖!

I like the way you think, I used to have a warehouse job and it can make you feel like a robot on 220 amps sometimes. Very nice boots, Find mine in my posts if you can.

Wow nice post and thats completly real!
when you love what you do then is not a job!
thx 4 sharing girl!

Along with the years, I learnt that motivation is VERY inconsistent.
At the beginning of this Steemit adventure, I was really motivated and wanted to grow my own little fanbase. A few days ago, I received my first little, few dollars payout (:D) and I felt really accomplished. Since I already got that "Mental Reward", I just completely stopped posting even though I am really far from where I would love to be. I think from now on, I'll stop looking at my wallet so often so I dont get that "Mental Reward" for every dollar I get XD

Thank you for this post, perfect timing for me! I already set a goal I'm hoping reach on Steemit, and won't be telling anyone :)

Good to see a new photo of you, it is a lovely photo and you look great in it! :)
I agree with not realising how much more you need to pay because of having a job. My little brother does powder coating and his clothes need washing everyday, he needs a decent shower to get it all off him and more.

If the job pays decently though, you can usually come back on top

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