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I'm so excited about this program I found.
Goodwill and Amazon teamed up to create something AMAZING!
It's called Give Back Box
So instead of having to take all of your unwanted items to a local Salvation Army, Or other donation center. You can avoid all human contact, By taking one of your precious Amazon boxes, Throwing your stuff in it. Then send it in.

  • The shipping label is FREE!

They then send you a TAX DEDUCTION RECEIPT. So if you itemize your deductions, you can save a bit of money on your taxes .

I'm so excited about this program.
You don't even have to use Amazon boxes if you don't want to. Any box will work.
All of your data is stored online for your use if you sign up. It's amazing.
I'm going to use this service to help me on my journey to minimalism. I'm also donating a lot of coloring books that I've published as well as some I've gotten on sale!
I'm excited about this because it's also good for the environment!

Here are some random items I donated. Lots and lots of coloring books :)

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I'm definitely going to look into this. It seems I can't get rid of kids cloths fast enough as they become too small. They keep coming in faster than I can find people who will take them. Plus if you get to save some money on your annual I mean taxes, then that's a bonus.

HHahhaha Annual Extortion! I love it!
Yes anything to help with taxes XD You should try it. It's way easy. You can quickly itemize all the clothes you send in and add it all up at the end of the year.

That looks like a really good program... and a handy way to clear things out. Thanks for sharing this; definitely going to look into it!

No problem :) I hope it helps you out.

That sounds like a great option! I wonder if we have something like that around these parts aswell...

That seems pretty amazing! Especially for people without any good thrift shops nearby. And it's good for our US Post Office, too.