Believe that there is no point of leading a life without love

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Life is not worth living without love.In the end of course we all our various raison detre, i.e our various reasons for living, but I believe that in the end the only thing worth living for and the only thing that can bring us true happiness is LOVE. image

HOW does love bring happiness?Well there's pretty much three possibilities on this spectrum.1. Hatred.You live your life choosing to hate everything and everybody.I can assure you a hundred percent that what comes off this is nothing but sadness.

And then we have 2. Indifference.You don't hate anybody but also you don't love.You just live your life indifferent and not caring about anybody.What comes off this might not be complete sadness but trust you'd never be able to derive true happiness from anything.

And then in the end we have true love.Loving the people around us.Loving the things around us.Being at peace and one with our environment.This is the path to true happiness.

I suppose it's a rule of nature.You have to sow something to reap something.And the thing we sow in life is our love.Our emotional investment in other people.And that is the purpose of life.To love our neighbors--which includes the birds in the sky, the animals in the wild, and the people around us.

And it is not even only the bible that advises this.All the great men and women in history who had attained a spiritual clarity all preached love as the cornerstone of their philosophy.Why?Because they had seen and know the truth.Life is nothing without love.Humanity is nothing without love.

Without love you'd are everyone foolishly interested in their own selfish interests alone.You'd see men in constant animosity with their neighbors.Looting and killing and murder would be the order of the day.Because the only thing that stops us from doing all this is our ability to feel love for our neighbors and put ourselves in their shoes.

And finally life is not worth living without love because life is not worth living without being loved.And how do we get loved?By loving of course.

I guess its another one of the rules of life but you can get loved if you keep hating everything and anything out there and not open yourself to the possibility of love.Offer yourself to it.

Life is beautiful when we give ourselves to love

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