Last class at UNIMET English School

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Hi my dear stemians friends , I decided to write in English this post, because I´m so happy of finishing the English Course at Metropolitana University (UNIMET) in Lecheria, Venezuela.
I wanted to share with you this achievement, and also share a picture of my classmates, the day we had our last class. We had a lot of fun, it was a blast, I met very smart kids, and the teachers of UNIMET are so dedicated I aprecciate a lot their work.
I´m very fond of teacher Myriam, she has thirty years of experience teaching English; and my last term teacher was a 20 years old young lady named Diana, who is very soon traveling to Argentina, I wish her succes in that new chapter of her life, my classmates were most Engineering and Med students from UDO University, with a brigth future ahead, I wish them a lot of sucess.

I know my English isn´t perfect, and I still have a long way ahead, but so far I´m happy with the results. The Graduation Ceremony is in July, so I´ll post some pictures of that day.

I am the second one on the letf.

The picture was taken by my classmate Vanessa with her Iphone 7.



Thanks for support steem network.

how do you like being an English teacher, fun? early congrats on the graduation.

I hope to be an English teacher someday , I´m still a student, I feel I have a lot learn, but I would be happy if I have the opportunity to teach in the near future. Thanks for your coment @andrejmcclendon :)